Tuesday, December 14, 2010

match night!

our army match list for residency:
1. Fort Benning, Columbus GA
2. Hawaii
3. Fort lewis, Washington St
4. Fort Gordon, Augusta GA
5. Washington DC
6. Fort Hood, Texas
7. Fort Bragg, NC

We get to take the kids out to breakfast tomorrow morning. School is delayed 2 hours for the bitter cold and negative temperatures. We have to break the news to them that this is the last winter for the next 3 years that they will get to enjoy these seasonably warm i mean frigid freezing temperatures. We are packing up our family of proper southwestern virginians and heading into the unknown land of the DEEP south. We are headed to Columbus GA! We are super excited, and will be just 1.5 hrs away from atlanta! we all loved it when we visited this fall and love that our good friends the Marshalls live just 45 minutes away from where we will be settling! Congrats on the match john!!