Thursday, June 25, 2009

It is so worth putting that to bed to wake up to this:

CL: 8 months old

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

where the road goes from here

Summertime, and our house is cleaner then normal... Kinda goes against the laws of nature! I always forget (until summertime finally rolls around again) how much I really enjoy being home. The school year for us is always such a chaotic whirlwind or commuting kids to school, work, after school sports, play dates, meetings... I really love the slower pace the summer offers us and the chance to recommit to the house. During the school year our family spend very little time home. I once figured out how much we pay per day to live here, and was appalled at how little we use it for that cost. By the end of the summer, I often feel stressed and burned out from the long hours, but for now, I am loving it! We have a great schedule that involves my kids sitting down in the morning and doing school work, some tv/video game time and pool time almost daily. the only commitment we have is tae kwon do, and that schedule is flexible. Every summer morning I wake up questioning my decision to go back to work in the fall. I am having a really hard time with this. The main reason I work is to pay for Vans preschool cost. We love the preschool he attends, and we have been there for 6 (going on 7) years. The teachers have changed very little and our family is comfortable there. Last year, I worked really hard and made no take home money above and beyond tuition. It makes me feel like C is suffering as a result. She is on no schedule and gets no naps most days. I love the job in the fact that my kids are right there and I dont miss anything they are doing, but hate having to take my baby into a classroom full of snotty kids. so here we stand, and I have a choice to make. if I stop working, Van stops going to preschool. He thrives on being busy and having lots of people around him. How long will it take for him to settle in to a less busy, quieter routine. His b-day is a late Sept. one. Do I pay for 1 more year of preschool then send him off to school at age 4 to be the youngest kid in his class? Do I pull him out of preschool for this year, then re-send him the next? I feel almost guilty pulling him away from his (wonderful) group of friends, but I know when we move in 2 years I will have those same feelings with all the kids.
Its time to sit down and focus on things that are really important and try to figure out what is going to work best for us at this time. This next school year is going to be one of many changes as John starts rotations and will be gone out of state for almost half of this next year. It reminds me of my favorite poem, the road not taken....

I just want to be able to look back on these next 2 years and KNOW that I did what was best for van, and honestly, I just don't know what that is yet...

Sunday, June 14, 2009

the young kids wilderness survival guide

After a camping trip where our family took a week and camped in new york, we realized we still had a lot to learn abt. camping with several little kids. luckily, for us, our ward planned a cub scout camp out, and we were able to perfect our camping technique. We learned many valuable lessons during the camping trip, and we would love to share our wealth of knowledge with each of you. Here goes: 10 year old are practically adults. they are totally old enough to build, start, and tend their own fires. no adult supervision is necessary or appreciated. in fact, ts face says it all....
And what should the adults do while kids play with fire? I'm glad you asked! Bring a trebuchet. grownups get very bored camping and this helps alleviate boredom. it is not necessary to watch your kids while camping.... it's only woods around them. shoot the trebuchet at other campsites.

Dinner tastes better in the dark. Don't even start the fire until at least 7 pm. It only takes a few hours to get the coals ready and dinner cooked.

wild beasts are always on the move. beware, as they do bite.

allow the kids to put up the tent. that way, if it falls down during the night you can totally blame it on the kids!

propane helps any fire get going better. keep the kids away and let the dads play!

no hand feeding the animals! they bite!!!
hopefully this will help everyone have a very successful camping trip. please do not hesitate to ask any questions, we have plenty of experience!!!!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

genius like this must run in families

i don't mean to brag (but will anyway) but i have THE smartest kids! not only are they cute, calm, polite to the point where it hurts, read only classical lit... i could go on and on.... here is the newest great accomplishment...

just shy of 8 months old, my brilliant, beautiful daughter can already....

take off her own diaper...
next trick i fear will be finger painting in mixed mediums....

Sunday, June 7, 2009

my new nephew!

I've been waiting very pateintly (haha) f0r 10 days to see pictures of my new, tiny nephew! here they are!

he is so beautiful! Welcome to the family John