Sunday, June 14, 2009

the young kids wilderness survival guide

After a camping trip where our family took a week and camped in new york, we realized we still had a lot to learn abt. camping with several little kids. luckily, for us, our ward planned a cub scout camp out, and we were able to perfect our camping technique. We learned many valuable lessons during the camping trip, and we would love to share our wealth of knowledge with each of you. Here goes: 10 year old are practically adults. they are totally old enough to build, start, and tend their own fires. no adult supervision is necessary or appreciated. in fact, ts face says it all....
And what should the adults do while kids play with fire? I'm glad you asked! Bring a trebuchet. grownups get very bored camping and this helps alleviate boredom. it is not necessary to watch your kids while camping.... it's only woods around them. shoot the trebuchet at other campsites.

Dinner tastes better in the dark. Don't even start the fire until at least 7 pm. It only takes a few hours to get the coals ready and dinner cooked.

wild beasts are always on the move. beware, as they do bite.

allow the kids to put up the tent. that way, if it falls down during the night you can totally blame it on the kids!

propane helps any fire get going better. keep the kids away and let the dads play!

no hand feeding the animals! they bite!!!
hopefully this will help everyone have a very successful camping trip. please do not hesitate to ask any questions, we have plenty of experience!!!!


  1. This truly was a wealth of information. I don't know how to thank you. I gleaned so much knowledge.

    That wild animal was so ferocious and adorable. Wild animals usually bite...but I find myself wanting to bite her.

    Look at Taylor...such a big man. I love your kids so much.

    You are hilarious, Amy! Thank you for your survival guide.

  2. Thanks for all the useful info. I LOVE the picture of Carrington in the tent. Look at all those rolls! And your boys are SO big. I can't believe how much they all have grown up...

  3. Thanks for the great tips!
    Sounds like you guys had a great time.

    I can't believe how old your boys are. We haven't seen you in so long!!