Saturday, June 13, 2009

genius like this must run in families

i don't mean to brag (but will anyway) but i have THE smartest kids! not only are they cute, calm, polite to the point where it hurts, read only classical lit... i could go on and on.... here is the newest great accomplishment...

just shy of 8 months old, my brilliant, beautiful daughter can already....

take off her own diaper...
next trick i fear will be finger painting in mixed mediums....


  1. "fingerpainting in mixed mediums". You rock, Amy! I LOVED this!

    I want my kids to be, "polite to the point where it hurts". It is a mark of your superior parenting.

  2. How funny. What a smart girl!!

  3. i know;-) sorry! (and none of that stuff abt the kids is true anyways;-) )