Sunday, December 30, 2007

adventures in potty training

So, in an effort to torture myself, I have decided that this is the time to potty train my newly 2 year old. yes. the beg. of winter, when clothes will be layered. the PERFECT time... (what am i thinking??) Please bear in mind the following:
i have NEVER potty trained any of my children earlier then age 3. my boys just wont. T however 3 days after his third birthday when told (by me and john) he was to old to wear diapers anymore. He said ok. We bought him underwear, he potty trained in 1 day. Literally. Jo, due to health issues, was 4, and still has problems. M was a solid three. I would never in my life suggest to a 2 year old that the potty would be a fun project to overtake. my boys at 2 are gross. they think body parts are funny, the touch everything, they put their feet on the toilet when they are supposed to be using it, etc. my 2 year olds are just not mature enough to handle the potty (or maybe that is just me....) on the other hand though, I have had kids in diapers for almost 8 years straight now. When M was born, I had T- 2 1/2, jo 1 1/2, and M newborn all is diapers together for 6 months. it was like an assembly line whenever i had to change them. M potty trained a few weeks after van was born. so maybe that is the reason for me thinking this would be a good idea... after last nights random success on the potty, i choose today as the day to potty train van... (it only takes 1 day, right???) school starts back for him on the 3, and i would love to send him in underwear. we skipped church today (in fact when we sat down for dinner at 6 tonight, T pointed out he and van were the only ones not in pajamas... and van was half naked, so he doesn't count...) and let van wear his new elmo underwear (mostly over his diapers...) and asked him a million times if he needed to go potty. He went a total of 1 time on the potty today (and I am pretty sure he co-operated only to get a treat...) , twice in his underwear, and a lot more in his diaper. He came up to me at one point today grabbing his bottom and said "my butt hurts. give me diaper."
I had van sitting on the big potty, and was sitting on the lid of his little potty that we use as a step stool and I was singing him songs to keep him sitting still longer. after the songs ended, he told me he was all done, hopped off the toilet, pulled me off the little potty, and told me to sit on the big potty. Closing the lid and sitting down, i was wondering what he was doing. he sat on his little potty, crossed his legs like i had been sitting, and sang me the songs i had been singing to him. when i tried to get up and leave so i could start dinner he asked me if i was all done. He carried the step stool into the kitchen while i started dinner and told me his potty was for jumping.
he could so potty train. what a punk. anyway. cute pics, he loves his underwear, and maybe tomorrow will give us more success....

underwear make great hats... (ew.)


  1.'s no fun but....makes for hilarious blogging and fantastic and adorable photo ops! Hang in there! :)

  2. By the way, Amy...I think underwear makes an adorable hat....don't knock it 'till you've tried it!

  3. You are so brave!!! I don't even want to think of potty training boys until they're at least 3 - and then you still have to toilet train them. We had a FHE on how to clean the toilet, floor and wall. In fact, my boys aren't allowed to stand to pee in their bathroom because it never seems to hit the pot. Gotta love boys... and the smell of living in an outhouse!!!

  4. We're wprking on potty training Avery, too. Reese loves to sit on the potty, but she never does anything except take a piece of toilet paper and stuff it between her legs into the potty, then get up and flush. She absolutely loves that part, of course!