Tuesday, October 27, 2009

anybody else mad about this??



  1. Oh, for pity sake.

    I was going to joke how I am only mad that I wasn't chosen to be in the calendar...

    But totally scratch any joking. I am too mad about this. It is wrong, wrong, wrong.

  2. To be perfectly honest I think that the calendar is wrong and that the church members who participated in it made a bad decision but I also think that it was wrong for byu to withhold his diploma. If he did all of his academics then he earned it whether he made calendars or not.

  3. I'm not mad about it, it seems to fit in perfectly with the creator's idea- he thinks he's on a mission to prove not all mormons are wholesome. It's true. We're not all wholesome. But hopefully we're smart enough to see that there's a wide difference between "not all wholesome" and pornography. The saddest part? The women in the article says she thinks it's "no big deal"- yeah, have you listened to conference lately? I'm sure if it was no big deal the brethren wouldn't have 2 or 3 talks about pornography every conference.

    You can prove the wholesome mormon image wrong by simply being normal.

  4. What is wrong with people? Yep, their point is proven. Satan is still able to deceive and confuse. These women made a VERY bad decision. It make me really sad that these women up to age 53 couldn't see that they are beautiful without showing the world way too much skin. Sad!