Sunday, October 17, 2010

lo que paso

We have reached this really frustrating point in med school land: the point where EVERYTHING is out of my control... During med school, I have had the option of nagging John to study, nagging John to turn in paperwork, nagging John to do extra work. friday he submitted his residency application. I can no longer do anything. Everything is out of my hands. Dec. 15th we will find out where we head but until then, I wait (and not very pateintly) We ranked hawaii, columbus GA, and tacoma washington in our top 3 (but not in that order) We plan on staying up until after midnight the 14th to find out where we go and then take the kids to breakfast and telling them where we move mid june. Until then, we window shop houses at our different places and wonder where the cards will fall.


  1. Hang in there, and attempt patience. In the meantime, remember you have had the most amazing journey so far, and it will continue to be such. God will continue to use you, and bless you no matter where you call "home" next.

  2. Our ward split yesterday and I am devestated about some of the makes me so sad that I want to move away...maybe I should go to Hawaii if you get sent there. People need dentures in Hawaii, right?

  3. I'm having anxiety for you! I'm voting Washington though (close to Utah) :)