Monday, January 24, 2011

There is NOTHING I love better then a day spent shopping with my 2 year old! (ok, totally kidding... there are many things I woudl rather do then have to go shopping with my kid, like getting multiple vaccinations, an oil change on my car and a looooong wait at the DMV) nevertheless (i love using that word in sentences!) we were out of everything we needed, namely bleach and shout so out we headed. I realized something horrible while we were out today: My daughter calls me Amy in public as in "yook Amy, a princess gackgack!", or "yook amy, pop-pop (popcorn...) I have noticed it before but she kinda goes back and forth most of the time. today i couldn't get her to call me mom. totally wierd.
Did anyone notice the new outfit she ruined yesterday? think adorable satin grey dress with white polka dots courtesy of my fav. cheap store Old navy with a pair of pink tights with stiched in mary janes and a black bolero, with little french braids in her hair. She looked awesome, right up until it was time to leave for church the first time and she spilled juice (red carrot juice) down her front. then we got to church (late, of course) and there was a potluck after church that I forgot about until I walked in to late to even get a seat in the chapel. Setting a stellar example, the kids and I decided to bail and go home and make soup and came back to church in time for me to teach a class... anyway... this is what the trip to target was for. totally ruined. i don't know if it was the juice or the mexican she ate after church but her dress is a total grease sponge. It is now being rewashed after proper soaking of stain remover along with several other shirts of hers.

I sent Jo back to school 2 weeks ago and have been so happy as a result... He was driving me crazy! My need to be creative returned the same day.. coincidence??? I am currently working on 4 of these and hope to have all of them done before we move... That may be wishful thinking... I also made these adorable letters for a baby girls bedroom that match her room colors...

I love the o.. it is fuzzy paper!

And took the kids to a hockey game (husbandless, out of town and got back at midnight... ugh... We would have been back sooner but we found a starbucks open late and graced the store with 5 noisy kids up way past bedtime...) We met our good friends the Champions and the Fishers for that fun, free night! diva was terrified of the game at first but has since talked of nothing else besides Hokey Hockey.

and if you look 5 rows above the bright blue sign, you would notice my sister in law and her cute family enjoying the game. Totally random meeting up with them, but so fun to see her super cute 3 year olds!
And in 100% random news: I finally bought an Ipod adaptor for my car. i am in serious anticiaption for the iphone to be comign to verizon next month and wanted to make sure I was ready. I feel like 35% cooler then I did last week. Listening to stuff other then top 40s radio is good for my soul. now when i cruise around in my car I can listen to this, this, or this and it makes me oh so happy! maybe one day i wont have to rock the minivan....


  1. Love the letters for the kids room! I am so glad that things seem to be easier for you--well, except stains and Target ;)

  2. I love the letters in her room!! I love the colors and the font. Sorry her outfit got ruined. I bet the french braids were darling, though ☺.

    That is so neat that you saw Steph at the hockey game.

    I'm old...years ago we went to see the Hokies play hockey after the Roanoke semi-pro team played. The Hokie Hockey team was actually not a team in those was a club and they didn't even have matching uniforms. Their game didn't start until midnight. It's really cool that they have a bonified team now.

  3. You're totally cool enough to rock a minivan. I hope all is well!