Thursday, August 23, 2007

First things first

I have for years been posting in blogs and other web sites. This is my attempt to pull everything to one site, as I am horrible w/ keeping up with multiple things. Also, this is my lazy way of getting pictures to family! It is hard to believe there are people who have yet to get a facebook account to see pictures I post. We are super boring, so I guess I get to document all the dull day in and day out events for family now. I have 4 boys, ages 7 and under. They are loud, great burpers, and very busy. The toilet seat is always down (they have learned well), but you do have to make sure it is dry before you sit down (well, some of them). They keep me super busy. Between soccer practices, baseball and t-balls teams, and swimming, we spend most of our time outside at practices. When they are at home, they eat (alot) and sleep (not as much as I wish). The oldest two started school yesterday. I have spent the last 2 days running errands (It is SOOOO easy w/ only two kids) and cleaning the house. We moved to a new house abt a month ago, and still have boxes to unpack and pictures to hang, but it is slowly coming around.
they might not have been super excited for the first day, but I sure was!

We moved out of our kids school zone this summer so I have taken the job of communting them everyday to and from school. It's only the second day and I have had enough. When I am not driving them around or sitting at ball fields, I work at a preschool. I love to run and scrapbook and i play the cello. My DH, John goes to school, talks about school, and studies for school. Like I said, we are pretty boring:-)

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