Tuesday, August 28, 2007

the joy of hiking

So.... we took our kids hiking the other day at the local waterfall. I figured it would be such a nice way to spend sat. morning.... I never realized a 4 mile hike w/ 4 kids would be an all day event, but ok...
M (age 4), Van (23 months); T (7); Jo (6)

First thing in the morning... bright eyed and cheerful. We took a picnic lunch with us, which we left in the car. packed in backpacks were PLENTY of snacks and water. We read the board at the beginning of the hike showing the trails and the map. We choose to take the "scenic winding trail, that puts you next to the water on you climb to the falls" over the "uphill walk to the falls" assuming of course that the scenic route sounded easier. Halfway through our "adventure", we realized we were on the more difficult trail.... begin adventure.... EVERY minute it seemed, T was posing. hey mom, take a picture of me, hey mom, take a picture of this. Hey mom, isn't the moss cool? you should take a picture. hey mom, another little waterfall... will you take a picture? This continued for a full hour before I finally explained to him (with all the niceness i could muster) that if I kept pulling my camera out every minute while we pose, look, hike, etc. that this would take all day. M got hungry every 15 minutes or so. After about 30 minutes, he begins to announce he is ready for lunch. After about 1 1/2 of hiking, we inform him lunch is in the car and we will eat when we are done hiking. He begins sobbing hysterically. Meanwhile, Van (almost 2) decides he will not hold hands, and insists on RUNNING the trail. For a boy who only started walking at 16 months, running is not a good choice. He still has that drunken sideways type stroll going, and is totally pigeoned toed on top of that. His legs now look like minced meat (as does his forehead, chest and palms...) John starts to carry him. About 3/4 of a mile before we reach the waterfall, M has had enough. I commit to taking M and Van back down the mountain to start lunch. we would wait for John, T and Jo to eat. As John and the boys head further up the trail, a VERY NICE family stops us to ask why we were turning around early and convinces M that he would be SAD to not make it all the way to the top. (grumble grumble,.... what were they thinking) Carrying my 30 pound toddler then becomes my responsibility as M has decided he really does want to see the falls. the next 1/4 mile was torture until i finally caught up to John and gratefully passed the fat baby off to him.
Finally at the top to the falls! they were super cold and felt really good!
Our best family picture ever! (just kidding, but only slightly) Look at Van... he has the WORST cheese face.....
Van running on the slippery moss covered rocks. Sounds fun huh?? He has a nice goose egg to prove just how fun it was! The two mile hike down was horrible. we were so hot, tired, and wanted our lunch. We had no idea how long it would take to do that, but we managed to make it on the right trail this time. slow learners we are not!

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  1. We did this hike, too, the same way you guys did it! We thought we were taking the easy route, but instead we ended up on the advanced hiker's route. UGGH! Katie was about 4, so it was a treat! We did take the easy way out!