Monday, September 24, 2007


Wow... this month has flown past. It is so hard to believe that we are in the last week of September! We had such a fun month. I love fall time and the leaves here are starting to change. The weather has been cooler a few morning recently. Perfect all around! Soccer started for the oldest two boys this month and we have games every Saturday for them. The orchestra group that I am part of played our first concert this past weekend (we sounded horrible!) and I got a brand new cello thanks to Johns school loans. It is my very own instrument. I have never owned one before, just always rented from the school I attended, so that was HUGE for me! Other things of note this month: John and I went to see Dave Matthews Band and John Mayer (nas and phil vassar as well) in concert at tech. It was excellent! The show lasted 5 hours, Dave played for almost 3 of those. John Mayer came on stage and played #41. The whole show was so awesome. I had never really heard any of johns stuff except on the radio, but he rocks! HE can PLAY the guitar (and he even wore a hokie shirt!) It was beautiful to be in Lane Stadium for that event. (I went out a few days after the show and bought 2 of Johns CD's I liked him so much! He is a great performer!) We had the best time tho. (We don't get out much to go on dates like that, I think the last one was when we went to go see les mis while I was pregnant w/ M, so 5 years now...) Long overdue! The biggest news in our lives right now is that Van turned 2 yesterday! We had a fun Elmo party for him, and a few families over for a pasta dinner to help us celebrate. We had so much fun, and it is so sad to realize that our BABY is 2... i feel soooo old! The boys have found a few things they love on youtube, and Van esp. loves the chocolate rain video and the harry potter puppet pals "A mysterious ticking noise" videos. This is him watching puppet pals....

and on that note...


  1. Concert sounds amazing! That's so great that you got a new cello, you'll love having your own! (I wish I could find an orchestra like that around here that I could play in.) And I love the cheese face...

  2. Gosh I miss you guys! Sullivan just fits right in with your other boys! It's so sad that we're not there to watch him grow up... The cheese face is AWESOME!

    Love you!