Thursday, September 27, 2007

School issues... all the way around

PROGRESS reports for my kids came out this week. Our county just moved to a 9 week grading period so the teachers have to send home a halfway report so we know how the kids are doing. T had checks all the way down the list for on/above grade level. He is reading at a fifth grade reading level now. He gets stars in his notebook everyday meaning that he isn't having to turn any discipline cards but his teacher wrote on his report that "he can be too chatty at times. He needs to work on being a good listener and a quiet worker." we talked to him about it and he said the teacher as never even told him he is to loud. UGH. i get so frustrated w/ our school systems. He is so bored. On the other hand, poor Jo got all checks, but is reading slightly below grade level. Unfortunately not far enough below to qualify for any extra help, which is what we were hoping. He continues to walk that fine line of struggling, just not enough to get help. I feel bad every time I watch him struggle but am not really sure how to help him advance. He seems to just really not grasp it, not matter how hard we work. (Jo, what does that start with? J: an s? ) hmm... On a related note, but a much more frustrating note. We have this kid in my class who is a total bully. He EVERYDAY attacks at least all the kids at least once. Today he punched a child in the eye giving him a black eye. He bites abt. 3-6 kids a day, and will walk all the way across the playground to a smaller child to shove him out of the way. I have totally had it with him.

on other notes:
WE are working on our 2nd birthday party of the week. W/ M having a birthday around football game season, it is easier to hold his parties during the week day. We are having it tomorrow afternoon after preschool bc the older boys get out of school at 1 for early release. I still have to clean the house, cook some food, decorate, get a cake, figure out how many of the 10 (yikes) 4 year old boys invited are coming and get this all done by the time I have to leave for work tomorrow morning.

John and I both got cell phones. YEAH! and we got rid of the piece of junk prepaid one we had been using. And its a camera phone! We are totally moving up here;-) WE also get excited over the lamest things!

John finished his 3rd of 4th exams this week. This was the first major testing block for him. A few weeks ago he had 2 in 2 days. I think he still likes school although he feels bio chem was invented by the devil.

We made awesome plans for thanksgiving. Us and 9 families are all going to OBX where we rented a 10 bedroom/10 bath house. We are super excited, and wished we could just kinda fast forward through the time left before vacation!

The boys decided they wanted to be star wars guys for Halloween. Anyone w/ ideas for costumes? the cost a fortune each if I have to buy them!

I am super irritated at Gap, Old Navy and Gymboree as when I went to Roanoke earlier this week they hadn't stocked their holiday stuff yet. I got emails from several business's today stating that holiday stuff is "Now here!" to bad I am not anymore:-/ I hate driving to Roanoke to buy clothes. I cannot WAIT until Old Navy is done. Plus, I LOVE LOVE LOVE our gap outlet, but we just don't get the cute holiday clothes. Shannon: when you come visit me next time, we can go to best buy, old navy AND olive garden w/o ever leaving Christiansburg, or panera bread, or pet smart, or..... it is so abt time that this town grew up! Except w/ the growth comes a huge downside. they are building a walmart DIRECTLY behind the boys elem. school. Oh well.... we only have a few more years here. guess we enjoy it while we can.
Pics of M's spiderman bday party to come! Have a fantastic day!

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  1. I am so excited for you and your Thanksgiving plans! I think it would be an understatement to say that I am jealous! (Especially for reasons that I can't print :) )
    I love that action shot of Taylor jumping off of the diving board!
    We love and miss you guys!