Tuesday, October 2, 2007

job titles

I work a lot right now. from 9-12 I work at a preschool. starting this week I will be keeping 2 extra boys from 12-6 several afternoons a week. I am PTO vice president. I have 2 orchestra groups I belong two. 2 classrooms for which I am room mom. 2 soccer teams to support. on top of that, i have a church calling that keeps me super busy (YW 2nd counselor.) Tongiht while I was at church, I was asked (as a youth group teacher) to take one of my girls to a fall out boys/ plain white tees concert next month. WOOHOO!!! Who knew that was a perk??!! totally makes it worth it! (just kidding, but I am super excited!)


  1. Amy :)
    You are so cool! Man, when I find out all of the things you accomplish I feel like I need a nap! :) I think I need to take one right now...*PHEW*
    Brian loves watching the video of the boys watching YouTube on this blog. He is so impressed that cousins wear Batman pajamas.
    We think of you and John everytime we watch the Hokies play on T.V..Don't worry...we do it right...we even jump up and down to "Enter Sandman".

  2. Lucky, that concert will be a blast! Wow, and I thought I was busy--how do you have so much energy?! (Still lots of Dr. Pepper? jk)

    By the way, I can't believe you guys are getting an Old Navy and an Olive Garden! Wouldn't that have been nice years ago when we were there?! :)

  3. okay.. UNFAIR.. i want to go to the concert!! i'm getting released in a couple of weeks from yw and i def. did not get a concert out of it.. haha