Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Family reunion!

On Thursday, the boys and I headed to New York for a family reunion/ birthday party for my grandma who turns 80 in a couple of days. We had such a great time! My parents were gracious enough to give us a ride so I didn't have to take the trip by myself (John had class. my mom packed ear plugs. literally.) the 10 hr car trip went pretty well (translation: T, Jo and M played their DS's the ENTIRE car trip... 10 hrs isn't toooo long to play video games, right??). we were totally crammed into the car and the boys had tons of stuff to climb over every time we stopped, and we stopped A LOT.... overall though, it was a great trip. It did however rain almost the entire time and we camped, so that was pretty cold and messy, plus I am sure my parents car is pretty dirty... the boys were bummed we didn't make any fires, but it was just to wet. the party was pretty fun, but mostly it was wonderful to catch up with my cousins and other relatives. We hadn't been to new york since M was 10 months old, so this was LOOOONG overdue. we made it back Monday morning and i was so excited to pull straight into the boys school and drop off the oldest 3 so i could go home and get some laundry done. after a week of wet camping, there was TONS to do.

the boys in the back seat... it was a tight fit!
my dad and his siblings and my super cute grandma!
all my cousins who could make the trip. we are missing 7 of them
6 of the 9 great grand kids
the boys were so glad whenever we stopped and they could get out!

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  1. You know, I can honestly say that I don't blame your mom for packing earplugs! I only have two in the back seat and it's too loud. Aren't car trips grand?!? :)