Saturday, October 13, 2007

Saturday morning soccer games

T ready for the ball

in action

Van watching the game

Coach Tim, photographed by T

We haven't found Jo's "thing" yet. he didn't like ballet (ok, we got kicked out of ballet) he jokes around the whole time at t-ball, he doesn't really like swimming, he complains he's cold and likes to lay out most of the time in the sun (not that I blame him) and soccer is def. not "his thing". This morning as I was cheering him on (his team is the maroon hokies) and encouraging him to actually go after the ball, he stormed off the field and told me to "quit bossing me" He is so funny when he plays though, as the ball goes one way and Jo will causally jog around to catch back up to the team. He def. moves at his own speed.
T is doing great. He loves his soccer team (the grey cobras) and has been on a team with the same coaching staff for the past 3 years, which has really given him the opportunity to become solid in his ability.
We had a great time watching the hokies beat duke today! we love football season. John is heading into another full week of testing, with Wed. being the only day he doesn't have a test but is attending a research program at school. the good news is that there are only 4 more weeks of school for him before he gets almost a month off for t-giving break. the bad news is that 2 of those weeks are full of tests. 1 block almost down, 11 more to go...... he is almost 4% done with school! we are so looking forward to his break, and a week at the beach w/ 9 other families!! COUNTING gown the days!


  1. So, why does Jo have to play sports, huh? Why not start him on an instrument? Or art? Or scrapbooking? Or family history? Not everyone likes sports!

  2. Hey, I remember the ballet thing! Maybe it'll just take a little while for Jonas to find his niche. I love the soccer pictures!