Monday, January 28, 2008

odds and ends

Our camera has been acting funny lately but I have been trying to squeeze the last remaining use out of it before having to replace it. So a few weeks ago, we got the most lovely snowfall. All the trees were covered, there was plenty on the group to go sledding, and the kids had the day off of school. We spent over an hour getting everyone dressed and ready to go, grabbed the sled, and 2 extra SETS of batteries (I have yet to get good snow pics of the boys...., plus, sadly, this was the boys first real time ever sledding, we have just never lived in a neighborhood with hills....) I was determined to get great pics, and i had plenty of battery juice to accomplish my task. I got outside, turned the camera on to capture the beautiful evergreens in our neighborhood, and the camera died. I tried every battery to no avail. It is officially dead. It will turn on sometimes, but even when it turns on, the lens cover wont clear the lens. Def. time to get a new one. I recognize a lost cause when I see one. I am planning on selling my 35mm Nikon and get a new digital Nikon, bc I wont have to replace lenses that way, and just throwing the old digital away.... I feel lost without a camera... So, no snow pictures. I am hoping that we will get another great snow after feb. 15, when we can get a new camera. HOWEVER, I am enjoying the mid 50's we are experiencing today, and will be OK if no more snow falls, as long as it stays this warm or warmer....
We went to Richmond yesterday for my grandfathers 80th birthday. We had a great time, and the kids were awesome even thought they spent 8 hrs. in the car. My uncle and aunt, who hosted the party are so fun, and my uncle spent a lot of time entertaining my boys yesterday. Terry is a hunter, and spent tons of time showing my kids cameras he has on his trees to catch wildlife and so forth. He has in his yard a target deer for him to shoot w/ his bow. The boys were all walking around and were pretty close when van noticed it. It must have scared him, and I wondered if it scared him BC we hit a deer a few weeks ago, it rolled across our windshield and flew off the other side, or if he just wasn't expecting to see something like that, but regardless, he saw the deer and back peddled as fast as he could, into taking his eyes off the animal. My uncle walked over to straighten in bc he was going to show the boys how he shoots it when the back half fell off of the deer. van turned around and ran for it at that point. He was so not happy w/ it!
Van has turned into such a 2 year old lately. He is full of sayings like "get out of my room Jo" (Jo shares a room with him) "get off my bed" (as we are trying to tuck him in for the night "get out, my movie" (as he is watching cars, bob the builder, or little einsteins- which is our fault. Van saw cars, toy story and bob for the first time less then a month ago, and he is hooked. I don't think he knew kids shows existed, he has always just watched ben 10, pokemon, or whatever the older kids were watching...) and then at night, when we kiss him, he wants to spit on us. Actually, he tries to blow zerbits on our cheeks, but mostly it is like spitting... such a punk.
So, the violins at the top of the page. I was raised a music nerd. I started violin at age 5, which is considered late for suzuki method, and was switched to cello at age 7 due to my lack of um, ability to stay still while practicing. According to my mom, she switched me to cello due to my tendency to hit everything with my bow, wander aimlessly around the house and attempts to sit on my bow while practicing. She felt that by switching me to a more stationary instrument, my practice quality could improve. I am not sure whether it did or not. However, 20 years later, I am still playing, and enjoying it. The time has come to pass this down! I ordered 2 violins today, a 1/2 for T, and a 1/4 for Jo. I still need to order another 1/4 for M, and a 1/16!!! for van. yes, even van will start, as suzuki tends to start at 3. I will find him a super durable one and let him "practice" for now. I cannot wait!!!! I have done so much research and reading and am so ready for this to start. i will be teaching a class of 6 boys, 3- 7 yr. olds, 2- 6yr., olds, and a 5 yr. old (half are mine) and van will get PRIVATE lessons for now;-) I am so excited for the violins to get here!!!


  1. A moment of silence for your poor camera....

    I did not know you hit a deer! I am so, sorry! How scary! I have to say it must have been so cute to see little Van back away from the fake deer while keeping his eyes on it...I am so sorry he was traumatized, though.

    I got your message and we are so, so, so, excited! The first weekend in August sounds fabulous. I will call and we can plan! Fun, fun, fun! Seriously, Adam is so touched and we are so grateful that Taylor would wait to be baptized with him. It makes me teary :)

  2. Holy crazy, woman! Teaching violin now? What are you thinking!!! But, that should be exciting, I suppose. So...what are you doing this weekend? Expect a phone call... :)

  3. So, all of the Halpin's can play "Turkey In The Straw?!" How neat. you could be your own little orchestra!

    What a neat tradition to pass down to your kids. I am sure they will love learning something new and enjoy music as much as you do. Good luck with the classes!

  4. I know what you mean about your camera--it's no fun to be without!

    That's awesome that you're going to teach violin. I've been thinking about teaching too (I started suzuki when I was 5, too!) but I'm not sure I trust myself enough. Good luck! Hope your boys love it as much as you do!

  5. Wow... You are one brave woman! I think it's so cool that you can teach your kids something that will last forever. Did you ever really think you would be playing for the city orchestra? It's pretty neat, though! Who knows where your kids will go with what you teach them?!?

    So did you totally trash your vehicle when you hit the deer? That totally sucks. I don't blame Van, I would have been traumatized, too!

  6. Holy Cow! Let me know how the lessons go. I really want Brad to play - and he wants to too, but there are no Suzuki teachers around here... and I don't have the patience. I think we're going to look toward piano soon - and I'm going to take lessons too.
    Good luck!

  7. Awesome. I just got Miranda a violin this week also. She will begin lessons on Friday. I am very excited for her. Let us know how the lessons go.

  8. ok, so i totally laughed listening to sulivan's "two-year-old" stories! James hasn't gotten that bad yet, only because his vocab isn't as far along, but he definetely lets us know when he doesn't want us near him! usually its just a high pitched growl with some punches thrown here and there. yeah, can't wait for the words to come out . . .

  9. So sad about your camera. I can relate to battery issues. Mine uses a lithium ion battery and it doesn't hold the charge like it used to. I can't imagine life without mine. I'm even aching for a new one (pref. one with bigger and better video abilities). But I'm grateful for my trusty little digital Elph.

    So cute about your 2-yr-old. I feel that way some days. It's a little less appropriate for me to run around OWNING everything in my view. But it doesn't always stop me. lol

    Hey, I need strings in my music. I'm just sayin.........