Monday, March 17, 2008

Catching Up...

I spent a bit of time last week updating, adding photos, etc. and then when I went to publish, my computer froze, and I couldn't even access the saved draft. I gave up and decided to just come back to it, so over a week later, here is my update:

I went to L'burg in mid Feb. for a 3 day scrapbook retreat with 2 of my good friends, Melanie and Elizabeth. We had a fantastic time staying up late, eating GREAT food (mmm, kotos!!!), and running around my home town shopping, browsing, and enjoying great conversation with our friends. This is my third year going, and about 50 people turn out every year. I LOVE it!! Unfortunately, I came home SICK... I spent 2 weeks trying to recover afterwards from catching a flu while I was there. After being great for a week, a stomach bug swept through preschool and I got that too... It has been a long month for us, but John has been AWESOME! He has had to cook, take all of the kids to church by himself, and clean for me while I was drugged up on sudafed (and that stuff knocks me OUT!). THANKS JOHN!!! YOU ARE THE BEST!!! We celebrated Jo's 7th birthday a week and a half ago. He invited 2 friends over and we took them to pizza, then home for a transformers cake, ice cream and tons of pokemon play time! HE had a great time, and I love his friends. It is always so nice when your kids have GOOD friends. (now we have to plan Ts 8th birthday...)

Feb. 24 one of my former students passed away. It was so hard. His family had gone to Switzerland in Jan for sabbatical, and while there, he developed a stomach ache and turned critical in minutes. He stopped breathing, and rescue workers were unable to revive him. (he is one of the sweet boys in the front row of the top picture). His funeral was March 4. It was so hard, as he is just a few months younger then M, and I look at all the things happening in his life right now, kindergarten registration, soccer starting, etc. and my heart just break for the family. 5 years is such a short time.

Soccer stated this week for the boys. T has 1 1/2 1 day a week, 1 hr another day, and games on sat. Jo has 1 1 hr practice/week. M starts on the 28th.

Violin lessons..... well.... we have refused to rosin vans bow. he is just so loud anyway, I cannot imagine how loud he would be. T has a great bow hand, and we start with music tomorrow.

We took a while to get started as the kids who the boys are taking lessons with had parents in hawaii..... so lucky!

Anyway, i really don't know of much else... i feel like we are so busy right now, but that we aren't DOING anything...


  1. I LOVED the update!

    *sniff* *sniff* I can't believe Jonas is SEVEN! Where is the time going? I am not old enough to have children the age I do.

    I am soooooo sorry that you have been so sick! That is just lousy! Great job, for being Super-Dad, John! Isn't my brother the best ;)

    Oh, my condolances for the little boy who died. That is so tragic, truly.

    I have to call you because I have some funny stories for ya!

    Those violins all lined up are so cute.

  2. How sad about that little boy. Someone Mark knows just had a 7-year-old son die from cancer, and that was sad, but so sudden would be a whole different kind of hard.

    Sounds like you have a lot going on, glad you're not sick anymore--that's no fun!

    Your picture of Taylor with his violin is so cute!! I can't believe how old those boys are. Even weirder, I can't believe last time I saw you guys was when Taylor was 4. Time flies!

  3. OK, I can't believe that's Van. He looks just like Taylor did at that age, and I guess that's the picture I still have in my head of Taylor even though he's older now!