Sunday, September 14, 2008

Lengthy Post

so..... it always takes me so long to update this... We have been so busy recently, so I will start with current and work back! Last weekend, my older sister Heather got married! Her and Fredy got married in the dc temple, then we drove through tropical storm Hanna (it was HORRIBLE) to jersey for the reception later that evening. We had such a blast! The dj was awesome, the food delicious, and we rocked the reception until LATE! Heather looked gorgeous, and Fredy looked so handsome. the boys even stayed and danced until well after 10, and M even picked up a girlfriend. It was the first time the 6 of us kids had been together in a super long time, and Kelly and Holly had never met fredy, and none of us but Heather had ever met Hollys boyfriend Koji, so we had a blast hanging out....

Heather and my dad

Lyndsay and Kelly

the boys having a great time

the happy couple!

my aunt, uncle, a few cousins, and my family

holly and koji

we went for another 4d sonogram a few weeks ago, and it is still a girl! She looks just like van did in his sonogram pics, and you can see her hair in the pictures. the technician was amazed at how much hair she has!

van started preschool! His teacher this year is Ms. Kim, and we LOVE her! M had her 2 years ago, and she is just such a sweet person, I am so glad Van got her, I don't know any other teacher there who could handle him quite as well as she can. Van going back to school means I went back to school. We actually have a great class this year, very few criers, which is amazing, and we just moved to a new building over the summer, so we have an awesome new classroom. I love it! van still hasn't learned to smile for pictures.... he still has that horrible cheese face.

Van and good friend

My friend Kelly threw me a shower 2 weeks ago to celebrate Carringtons upcoming arrival. We had to schedule it early, so it didn't interfere with football games... the pain of living in a college town... Her mom Donna made the cake, and Kelly made this adorable diaper cake. She held it on the weekend my mom and dad were in town, moving my youngest sister Lyndsay onto campus, so they came! It was really fun having my mom meet some of my friends up here, and getting to be there. Even though she only lives 2 hrs away, it is hard with her work schedule to make it up here often for things like that.

It has become something of a tradition for the boys and I to go to smith mountain lake with Kelly and her kids late summer. The lake is always dead, and her in laws own a lake front home so we get to BBQ and swim without worrying abt trying to keep everyone close. Brian took us out on his boat, but T was the only one of my boys brave enough to try tubing. It was so funny watching him fly through the air whenever Brian hit waves. Van wasn't so sure abt the boat at first but totally warmed up to it as we went along.

Jo, Christian, M, T, Julia

Hokie football season... We got together with some friends for the last open practice of the year before the official kickoff of the season. It is always fun to go watch these practices, as you get great seats, and it doesn't matter if the kids really watch the game or not bc you didn't have to pay 40.00 to bring them. (plus the kettle corn is the BEST!) I took the flattering pic of #67 for you Lauren and Mike! hope you enjoy your cousins belly;-)

After the game we went to macados with some friends... What a fun way to start the weekend!

Yea! school started for the older boys mid august! They each have awesome teachers, M is in K and has the same teacher both of his older brothers had, Jo started 2nd, and T is in 3rd and got the teacher I wanted him to have. Everyone (but T) was excited, and it was so weird only having 1 at home. This is the first time since Jo was born that i have been home alone w/ only 1... I still don't get as much done as I wish, but it sure is easier to run errands!

And finally, the biggest news... In august T and his cousin got baptized. we waited until Aug. even though T turned 8 in march so he could do it the same time as his cousin. We had such an awesome weekend! it was so special, and we loved having so many family members able to be there for his special day.


  1. I loved every bit of this detailed post!! I still haven't posted about the cousins getting baptised...SHAME ON ME!!! I am going to get to it...first I have to update about poor Evan's birthday and then the baptism of the year. ☺

    Yeah, you Schwartzes (I don't even know how to make my maiden name it Schwartz's?) rocked the reception! Those are such great pics. I miss all of you!

    Whoa, Mason! Way to pick up a girlfriend you little ladies' man! ;)

    That is the greatest picture of Lyndsay and Kelly dancing. They are just uber cool. I can see myself following them around like, "Please like me, *snort* you guys are so *snort* cool!" After I followed them around I can see myself trying to get Holly an Koji to like *snort* me.

    Love the wedding pictures! Amy, you look fantastic! Look at that beautiful Carrington bump! She is going to be beautiful. It is so amazing how clear 4D sonograms are.

    Oh, I wish I could have come to your baby shower. With the gas prices...we are officially hermits. Is that Heather B. in one of the pics?

    Thank you for that fabulous picture of Uncle Nick!!! I know I am not related to him but, he and I look so much alike in the tummy area only, my tummy is bigger and deathly white ;)

  2. Heather looks BEAUTIFUL!

    I also forgot to say that I love your new profile picture :)

  3. What a great post! You guys have been really busy. Doing lots of fun things is the way summer should always go. Congrats on all the big things happening in your life and good luck as baby's birth gets closer. It was so fun seeing pics of Bburg and friends from there. I miss it so much sometimes!