Saturday, October 4, 2008

top 3 reasons I love this boy...

Look whos "free!!!"
Let me honor the boy (late, of course) with the top 3 reason I love this kid:
3. He has the greatest laugh. He plays this game where he says "I yummy" and you have to pretend to gobble him up and blow on his belly while he belly laughs until he says "I yucky" at which point you have to pretend to be totally grossed out that you had your mouth on him and pretend to spit him out. The game repeats until he runs to the bathroom so he doesnt have an accident because he laughs so hard, or until I have to go cook dinner. He would do this all day long if he could.
(van 2 days old)

2. He gives the best kisses (complete with totally stinky kids breath). BUT, you cant just kiss him. He first has to smooch the lips, then turn your head to plant a kiss on the cheek of his choice. He is absolutelty loveable, and still likes to snuggle.
(van 1 year with his daddy)

and the number 1 reason why this boy is the greatest: with delicious faces like these, whats not to love??? (van at his second birthday (l) and third birthday (bottom)

we celebrated his third birthday with a glorified playdate. we had 4 friends come over after preschool for chicken nuggets and apple slices. I was totally lazy and stopped by walmart and bought a premade lightning mcqueen cake for him (cars is his favorite movie, and he is obsessed!) and the kids just ate lunch and played. he had a great time, and it was so fun to celebrate this big birthday with him!!!! happy birthday baby!!!


  1. Oh, Happy Birthday Van! He is such a cute kid. I can't believe he is 3; Dallin turns 3 on Thursday. What is it with little boys and the Cars movie. Dallin has been obsessed since he was 18 months!

  2. He is so, so, so adorable!!! I want to play the yummy and yucky game with him!!!!!

    I can't believe he is 3!!! What a big boy!

    I love it when he smiles for the camera. So cute!