Wednesday, October 22, 2008

She's here!

CL was born Friday, Oct. 17! She is the sweetest girl on earth, and I have gotten NOTHING done since she's been born b/c I have to hold her and look at her all day. Its a tough job;-) We went in at 6 am for a scheduled inducement, and she was born at 9:01. John got to deliver her since he is in med school (the first thing he said was its still a girl!)! She was 7 pounds, 1 ounce and was 20 3/4 long. She was our biggest baby, and was born with dimples on both cheeks and the greatest head of hair. In the sunlight it looks like shes already gotten highlights! We think she looks the most like M (see above) but has less defined eyebrows (thank goodness) and shorter eyelashes. Overall she is sleeping really well, (up to 4 hours at a time at night!) smiles a lot (i know its not on purpose, but still adorable!) and is so sweet! it has been so much fun to put so much pink on her!
Van wasn't phased at all at her unhappiness, and has done really well with his adjustment as big brother.
T and Jo with her
look at her hair! poor girl already has a mullet!
John is absolutely in love with her already! I guess the saying daddy's girl is true. John made the comment when she was just a few hours old that the most un-datable girl ever has just been born...

She already has enough hair for clips!!! too much fun! (1 day old, showing the rare eyes)
the nurses felt she needed a special hat to remind us she was a girl. They took 2 hospital hats and fashioned a lovely bow for her! I kept calling her him until we got her dressed in real clothes to take her home!
she has fat cheeks and fat thighs... poor girl!
She didn't really wake up and respond to much her first few hours. John went to go get the kids from school around 1 pm so they could come meet her. When the boys walked in the room, she opened her eyes and looked for them. it was so neat to see her recognize them, and the boys thought that was really cool that she watched them.

Big smiles when we left the hospital... look at her great dimples!
in other news: after 3 weeks without a washer (and doing 20 loads a week at the Laundromat) John and I went Mon and got a washer! it gets delivered sat. so CL and I went and did 10 loads yesterday to get us through til the new one comes (a Maytag!!! Merry Christmas to us!) promptly upon returning home with everything in the entire house clean, she proceeded to blow out on her very cute jeans and girly onesie...
Jo had a field trip to the pumpkin patch this morning. It was so beautiful in the valley. I went 2 weeks ago with vans class and the trees on all sides were still mostly green with a few reds peeking through. today there were more oranges and reds then greens. I sure will miss this place when we have to leave. It was beautiful. Ill post the pics later.
John starts finals next mon. he has 6 finals next week, then 3 more the following week.... Good luck John!!!


  1. She is beautiful! Sorry I missed you at the hospital we had the busiest Sat. ever.
    PS you just had a baby your not supposed to get anything done.

  2. She is so, so, so, so, so, so, BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love that she recognized her brothers' voices!!!!!!!!!

    I just love the pictures, too! LOOK AT ALL OF THAT THICK and LUXURIOUS HAIR!!!! I love that you can put clips in it already!!!!!!!

    Those nurses are the greatest ever! If I ever get a girl I am begging my nurses to fashion a hat like that for my girlie!!!

    I am going to try calling you again!
    Love You ALL!

  3. Woo Hoo! I noticed Mason found his glasses! ☺

  4. Clinton and JessicaOctober 22, 2008 at 2:13 PM

    she is absolutely adorable! I can't believe her hair! SO BEAUTIFUL! congrats Amy, you have such a beautiful family! nice to have older ones to help you out huh!

  5. We are so excited for you, and it sounds like everything is falling in to place for your beautiful family of seven!

    Enjoy her while she is little and round, you know all to well they grow up way too fast.

    Nothing but blessings and congratulations from all of us!

  6. She is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!! I can't believe that hair! Gorgeous! And the dimples, oh my goodness she is going to be a heartbreaker. So So cute!!! I have been thinking about you alot wondering when Carrington was going to come. I am so glad it all went well. What a trooper going to the laundramat for 4 boys. You poor thing.

  7. When you cut her hair in ohhhhh about 2 weeks, can you please make a wig for Claire? She is still mostly bald. If you find any spare teeth, please send those too. Claire is still all gums.

    And I love the pic with Carrington and John. GW has several of just he and Claire. He can't get enough of her and keeps spoiling her. Good luck keeping money in John's pockets.

  8. CONGRATULATIONS! She's adorable! And so cool that John got to deliver her.

    I called Sarah "him" for the first couple days too. Such a change!

    I'm so sorry about your laundry. You've reminded me how easy I have it!! Hooray for your new washer though!

  9. Great pictures! I am so glad that you finally got your girl...and that you are getting your washer soon!

  10. Congrats!! She's so precious and I love all the hair.

  11. Congratulations! She is just beautiful.
    Question: when you were pregnant with Tay...did you think to yourself: "in 8 years I will be a mother of 5???" CRAZY!
    Don't make her too girly please? Thanks!

  12. what a doll. she is so sweet! and I'm sure her smiles are genuine!

  13. She is gorgeous! And what a big baby for you! And so much hair! I love her name. ;c) Congratulations to you all! :cD

  14. Hey. FYI, I have a post on my blog about scrapbooking supplies that you might be interested in.

  15. I am so anxious to see that baby girl! Please send some girl vibes my way! We plan to start trying to get pregnant in December!

    She is awesome! That pic of Carrington and John is precious! What a lucky woman you are... I love you guys!

  16. She won't be spoiled at all!!! Too cute - and her hair is unbelievable. Congrats to all of you!

  17. Hey guys! I hope you don't mind. Lauren gave us your blog address. We didn't know that you were having a girl until we saw that you had her on Lauren's blog. I was so excited for you guys. It made me cry! She is so very beautiful, and you have such a cute family in general. We love and miss you guys. Take care and enjoy that new little one! We hope you don't mind our peaking in on your blog every so often to see how you are doing.

  18. Congratulations!!! She is really beautiful!! I just love new babies and I am so happy for you and John. She is going to be one loved tom boy!!! We sure miss you guys!