Saturday, November 8, 2008


it is so hard to believe CL is already 3 weeks old... the time has flown. Life with 5 has been crazy. (why did nobody ever warn me???) We have been blessed with an amazing baby. She almost never cries, and is so patient with the schedule we keep. I wanted to post some pics of the growth we have seen in her the past 3 weeks, and I will post Halloween later (we had an interesting evening...) So I'll start with the most recent (since blogger has reversed the order of my photos.... whats up with that?) CL was a butterfly for Halloween. her costume was extremely ridiculous, but i thoroughly enjoyed dressing her up with tights and wings... i have been waiting a LONG time for that! (and yes, that is a pink stroller she is sitting in, just couldn't re use the blue stroller!)
I love bows! I love her hair! 1 week old

we enjoyed a visit from Stephanie and her adorable boys when she was 6 days old. her boys were slightly interested, its so hard to believe they were that size just over a year ago, they grow so fast!

3 weeks old
my mom came and visited for a few days while john had finals. she stayed with some family in Christiansburg but came over in the mornings to take the kids to school for me (we commute our kids to a school across town due to great teachers) and it was so nice having her here to visit. we went shopping, i took naps, she took van out on a date, it was great. I think she enjoyed her visit, and i def. missed her when she left.

3 days old... look at the difference already!
we have been battling all sorts of funk in this house. since having her, van has had 2 rounds of stomach flu. He is currently in what i hope is the end of this round. Hes been sick since Thurs. night and is still throwing up... John is finally kicking a horrible cold/cough that he picked up during finals (which he did AMAZINGLY well on! i had to take CL in to the doc. on Mon. due to a horrible cold and pink eye. she was so pitiful, i hate it when they get sick so young. my pediatrician helped me feel better though, he reminded me this was probably inevitable (the ped. at the hospital at discharge told me to be careful where i took her my first 2 months.... how in the world is that even possible????) she was already up to 7 pounds 10 ounces, so she is growing well! the boys love her and she even is sleeping pretty well. overall, we are very much enjoying the blessing of a new baby!


  1. Her hair is so adorable! That's rough having a sick baby, I can't imagine having several! I hope you guys get feeling better soon.

  2. She is so, DARLING, Amy! I am so thrilled for you all. That hair is AMAZING. Did any of the boys have hair that thick? I know they had hair, but I think her is the most luxurious!

    Congrats to John for doing so well on his finals. I always knew that boy was brilliant!

    You go, Amy! I am all for a PINK stroller!! I am so excited to see the wings and tights...and you deserve evey minute of it!!!

  3. ...and not to dwell on myself, but I am so jealous that Stephanie got to hold her at only 6 days old. Steph was sure to tell me...and may I quote, "Neiner, neiner, neiner"...why I oughta..

    Jack and Alex look so adorable looking at your gorgeous girlie.

  4. What a cute little girl! I am glad she is feeling better. And yes, blogger is putting my photos in reverse order too...I hate that!

  5. I think it's time for me to come and visit again! I hope you all are feeling better...and thanks for the shout out...all three of those 'babies' are sooo sweet!

  6. I've been out of the blogging world lately and I just saw that Carrington's here!!! Congratulations! She is absolutely adorable and I LOVE her hair. It reminds me of how Kaylee was. I'm so happy for you guys! Love, Christy.

  7. Congrats Amy she is BEAUTIFUL!! We are SOOOO excited for you guys!!