Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Every childs dream

M had a field trip yesterday to meet "community helpers" to go along with their communities unit they have been working on. In your town, community helpers are probably police officers, firemen, crossing guards... I can think of a ton of professions that could be labeled community helpers, and for them I am grateful. Imagine my surprise when upon reading the permission form, the community helpers they were to go meet were the trainers that work with the Virginia tech football team... don't get me wrong, i love football. In fact when John and I got married he didn't watch football at all, i am guilty for beginning that OBSESSION, but I still don't quite see how the trainers of those fine, well behaved grown men qualify as community helpers, but i digress.... So yesterday was the field trip. Our school usually has a hard time finding enough chaperone's and since it was my day off, I volunteered to go tour the football field, the tunnel, practice fields, etc. Upon arriving at the Merryman Center (home of trophies and hokie birds) and seeing the buses pull up, I realized I didn't need to worry abt. lack of volunteers. Every child but 2-4 depending on class, had a parent with them. 90% of the parents were dads. Ms eyes were wide the entire morning. I wish I had brought my camera... His cousins dads cousins (got that??) plays for the hokies and M was so excited to see marshman written everywhere.

They got to go through the tunnel and stand on the field and look all around at the 66,000 seats that are usually full and loud. They got to see trophies, the weight room where the players work out, practice squats. They were all excited the whole trip, and had a great time seeing all the things the football players get to do, but NOTHING brought excitement like when they got to walk through the players lounge. The lounge is not usually part of the tour, but one of the kids in ms class has a dad that works with the team so we got to see it. When the kids walked into the lounge, almost immediately they all started screaming that they were going to grow up and play football. Even the girls. The reason? the lounge had a big screen tv, a pool table, and abt 20 video game machines. (and Evans, asleep on the couch...) So thank you, K teachers, thank you for teaching my kids all abt community helpers. It was indeed a very productive field trip.


  1. That sounds like such a fun field trip!

  2. Mason is my hero!!! I love that he got so excited seeing the name Marshman written everywhere. I get so excited whenever we see Uncle Nick on the T.V. screen playing for our beloved Hokies...but I guess I can't take any credit...It is all the Marshman side of the family that deserves any glory, right? I married well...that's what I keep telling myself ;)

  3. This post made me laugh! The kids have got it right...after seeing the lounge I would want to be a football player, too!

  4. You Blacksgurgians are so strange;)

  5. Why didn't we ever get to do that field trip??!!? I want to be a football player, too!!!! And so does my husband. He played in a turkey bowl this thanksgiving, pulled his hip flexer, and has been whining ever since.

  6. Fun!!
    I just saw that you wanted our e-mails.

    Maybe we'll see you in VA for Christmas!
    Take care!