Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I have a confession

While we were driving to the beach, we passed this diner..... I guess it's like a landmark... If you've passed diggers diner, you're almost there! We look for it every year... This year, I thought it would be a good idea to stop there for breakfast on the way home. Diggers Diner celebrates all things grave digger. Grave Digger is a monster truck. Having grown up in VA all my life, and now living in an area where there are race tracks, monster truck shows, and rodeos, I have tried to shy away from them at every possibility. The thought of watching cars race around a track bores me to sleep. The thought of the smells of watching a rodeo makes me gag. the thought of the sound of a monster truck show has me running for ear plugs. But yes. It looks like I will now be taking the kids to such an event. The diner is located on the drivers property. It has a ramp to jump a school bus, all the trucks from the team, a workshop, tons of trucks... van is now obsessed with all things grave digger. Yesterday we were shopping at my fav. store (target) and I was a few end caps ahead of him. Over all of the crazy holiday bargain shoppers, I heard his sweet voice swell above the crowds: "Look mom, gravedigger!!" as he jumped for joy. Yes, grave digger. On the front of a greeting card. If I ever get a grave digger greeting card from somebody, I would cry. It does not seem like the kind of thing I would enjoy getting a birthday sentiment on. The grave digger wishes you a happy birthday??? Not for me.

on the plus side, in NC they are required to post sanitation scores in each public place serving food. the diner had a 99.9 score... and the food was really good...

tough guy poses

a fanta monster truck? that is practically heaven on earth for these addicts


  1. I love the poses! They are tough guys, indeed. This had me laughing so hard...especially the part where you said the, "thought of the sound of a monster truck show has me running for earplugs". Stephanie went to a monster truck show when she was a young adult and she has pictures of everyone with their earplugs in their noses.

    This took me back to living in Virginia and hearing the commercials for monster truck shows. Remember how they repeat things for emphasis, "Grave Digger...digger...digger!" While they play soundtracks of loud engine noises. Your boys going to a monster truck show is a rite of passage! Maybe take your i-pod and play nature noises to help you through the ordeal.

    You are super mom! John looks handsome in the diner picture. :)

  2. Oh...and I love the new title to your blog!

  3. John looks handsome in that picture and kind of bewildered, too ;)