Tuesday, December 30, 2008

wedding reception pics

my sister got married back in Sept. but waited until Nov. to have her local reception... a few pics for her! the cute couple! Heather and Fredy

peggy rogers, my papa, my dad, and my papas "lady friend"

holly, CL, susan

ew. gross... they're kissing

all of the originals: heather, amy, nate, kelly, holly, lyndsay and the rents: Bob and Sandy.. together for the first time in 2 months.... (that is totally a record, btw...)

the siblings

holly, t, cl, nate, and nates gf tara

a blast from the past.. my bff from elem. school! erica and amy

my super cute grandma...
please excuse the 1 handed typing. welcome to the family fredy!


  1. Thanks for your comments. I've been meaning to mention to you that my sister and her hubby are moving to Blacksburg in the summer so he can go to DO school. Her name is Katie and her blog is linked to mine. I'll let her know to check yours out, too!

  2. I love all of the family pics. Heather and Fredy look so happy...as do all of the siblings :)

    I simply cannot imagine why you are typing 1 handed...perhaps you are holding that gorgeous girl?! Thought so!

    Is that at your parents' house?

    The cake is so pretty...I love the smooth look of the marzipan or...that might be called something else...I am not a cake decorating expert...just a cake eating expert ;)