Sunday, January 4, 2009

CL's Blessing

We blessed CL the day after the reception in l'burg since so much of my family was already in town. Johns parents drove down to be there, and stef and her boys came down from Roanoke. It was such a wonderful day! I am so grateful for the family that was able to make the trip and be there with us, and we really missed those who could not.
My mom made her dress, and it was the same one I wore when I was blessed (28 years ago... YIKES!!!) and she looked beautiful in the white dress.... SIDE NOTE: my mom entered this dress into a contest and won best in show as well as best in the baby category in the chesterfield county fair in 1980.. the embroidery covers a lot of the dress, and it is BEAUTIFUL! my mom rocks!
I see a lot of my mom in CL, and I am so grateful my mom has talents I can only dream about. She passed on a box of my embroidered baby/toddler clothes for CL... i feel like I have been waiting for so long to put these on a kid!

John, CL, and Amy

Our whole crazy family...and the baby sleeps through it all!

My brother nate had to work, so he sent his girlfriend Tara in his place. She is so awesome, and i was glad she came! Johns mom
made it just in time, and brought Lisa and her mom with her. Grandma Haren had never met CL or Van, so I was really glad she could come! Stephanie came with her super cute boys, Jack and Alex, as well as her bro and sis in laws, Catherine and Todd... it is such a small world, as Catherine turned out to be my little sisters RA at college...

After the blessing, we headed to my parents house for some lunch. It was so fun to have my whole family together for the weekend, and it was great having a bit of Johns family be able to join us for the special day!

Alex, Stephanie, and Jack

4 generations!

Lyndsay and Tara


  1. What a great day! Carrington is so sweet and it's awesome that you can finally use those precious baby clothes. Thanks for sending us a Christmas letter and picture, we loved it! Your letter was clever. Happy New Year!

  2. Your mom is so talented--but then I have known that for a while. I too wish I could do all the amazing things she has learned. Carrington's dress is absolutely adorable, and love that it was the same as yours--how sweet!! What a special day for your family.

  3. Oh, Amy...that dress is amazing! Carrington is so beautiful:) You are have waited so long to put those amazing handmade clothes on a baby!

    I could have put them on Sullivan...but, it just wouldn't have been the same ;)

  4. I bet the day was very special for your family. Carrington's dress is beautiful.