Wednesday, January 21, 2009

i need some help! (followed by some adourable pics)

OK- here is a comp. problem that I am having that is causing some major issues...

I have several hundred photos in my Dec. folder. I always just upload them and leave them numbered as they upload (ie. Dec. 2008 359) I never go back and rename the files. The other day, I noticed they had gotten scrambled. so number 1 wasn't anymore, it was like number 24 and it was totally scrambled the whole way down. I moved all the photos around so that they were back in the right number and then double clicked to open them and realized that the images were now scrambled. If I look at Dec. 2008 1, the thumbnail shows me its a picture of Carlos, one of my super cute students. When i double click on the thumbnail, it opens to a picture of my brother kelly on Christmas. Why is this happening, and how do i fix it?? I have never heard of this happening before, and cannot figure out what I did... Ok, thanks! now for some pictures:

CL turned 3 months on the 17th! She shows no sign of losing her hair, loves to sit in her bumbo and loves to watch her brothers do just about anything! (she is also getting FAT! 12 pounds, 4 ounces)

Her hair is still so much fun to play with! She sits so patiently while i fix it, and it makes her look like such a big girl. When i leave her hair down, it gets in her face so I am trying to decide to cut bangs or let it grow...

Finally, I love Stephanie! Here she is holding CL while her super cute boys slept away, unaware that there mother was showing love to another baby... How very dirty of her! thanks for letting us crash your house, we love having you guys living so close!!!


  1. Sorry, I'm still no help with the photos....good luck.
    I love the pic of Sullivan playing Wii with Carrington. They are so CUTE!

  2. I wish I could help with the photos. Mine scramble in my computer, too. Maybe if you loaded them directly from the memory card onto a disc they would be in the right order? Okay, sorry...I'm no help. it is time for me to gush!!! That baby girl is so scrumptious!!! I can't stand it...I want to kiss and love all over her.

    Look at that Stephanie showing off...rubbing it in my face that she gets to see you guys whenever she wants. The nerve! ;)

    I love that Carrington's bumbo is pink!!! Hee hee!

    It is so funny that you are already faced with the decision of wether to have to cut her hair or continue to put it up at the age of 3 months...that doesn't happen often, I bet.

    Miss and love you guys!

  3. Carrington has soooo much hair! I love it! What a little doll baby. Kaylee's hair was like that too and I put it up for the longest time. When she was 1 we got it cut in a little pixie cut and then it grew out in layers and was so pretty.

    As for the pictures, I just rename all the pics with the date I took them and the IMG number from the card. Lots of work but they stay unscrambled. Good luck!

  4. Just so you know, I love you, too! Thanks for letting us come and play today! :)

  5. I talked to Stephanie yesterday and I mentioned how I love that the bumbo is pink...she said, "It's actually purple...I saw it up close today."

    Sure Stephanie...twist the knife...

  6. Carrington is just too cute! I understand that Megan is planning a trip that direction the first weekend of Feb. Does anyone (You or Steph) need the help of a babysitter, aka- Grandma? I might can work out a way for me to come for a couple days.

  7. Oh Amy,
    Do you remember when Christy and I loaded Picasa on your computer. I don't even worry about the name of my photos because Picasa sorts all of the pictures by date for me. The name doesn't even matter any more. There are some photo viewing programs that will organize you photos in a calendar layout so you can see your photos by date and hour if you wanted to. Give it a shot. It is possible I might have misunderstood your problem as well. By the way I'm glad Jonas got his tongue untied and we are jealous of how much hair Carrington has. You guys look super!

  8. One last note. If you want, Picasa will also rename all of you photos with the date and time they were taken for you. It's easy!