Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The crowning of MR. VCOM

Move over Miss America.... there is a much more prestigious beauty pageant around.... The Mr. VCOM pageant.... here are the doctors of tomorrow donning their most impressive scrubs, evening wear and showing off their very intense talents. Only 12 guys from the first and 2nd year classes were nominated, and John was one of them, so I made him do it!
Gone are the days where frilly dresses, spray tans and hair extensions win the award....

Check out the new generation of pageant kids.... the only thing missing is the stage moms (thank goodness!)

Here are all the contestants doing their very intense choreography to Sexy Back...

the talent competition was awesome! here is John performing his talent (reading a story to the boys, complete with awesome voices, and the Darth maul song from star wars during the wild rumpus in the wild things book)

Van kept waving to the judges and cracking them up... he was to cute!

Tommy ate chicken wings... Very impressive!

rapping... don't you love the outfit??

The overall winner (daniel), who tied for talent performing if you like it then you shouldve put a ring on it....

Chris singing an original song abt the evil prof. at VCOM (he tied for talent, and rightfully so!)

The best talent by far... a ribbon dance to the song chariots of fire...... it was absolutely hilarious... complete with Molly Shannonish leaps and stirrup pants... i was in tears

more talents...

the sashing.... these guys tied for best talent

and Daniel taking Mr. VCOM

all the guys... this was def. so much fun!

and we finally finished around 10 p... it was a LONG night for the kids but we had such an awesome time.. i don't remember the last time I laughed that hard! (and John shouldve totally won... I mean, look at him)


  1. What a RIP!! John totally should have WON!!!!!!!! I defy any of those other contestants to be able to read a book like John. Plus, he is more handsome...just look how dapper he is in his suit!!

    I am so loving this!!!!!!!!!! John gave best face to the camera in all of the action shots. Your husband is HOT, Amy.

    Seriously...I love that he was nominated...even thought it is a total crock that it is an honor just to be nominated. Okay, down girl...down Lauren...Seriously, I love that he was nominated and that you made him do it! The boys look so cute on stage, too. Good job Sullivan...way to have the judges eating out of your hand!

  2. That is hilarious! We are so excited to come to VCOM...Amy, I don't know if I've contacted you before (or you, me), but i am friends with Nicki & Ryan Watson (she gave me your name) & also my sister is married to Chad Shorter (don't you know Shanan Hambrick - his sister)? Anyway, we're moving to the area in the summer...just saying hi to another VCOM family...

  3. i just realized I posted under a different email address. If you want to see my blog, it's http://leakeyroof.blogspot.com.

    Happy weekend! :)
    P.S. What year is John? Is he liking it so far?