Saturday, March 28, 2009

man I'm old (aka t turned 9)

T turned 9 today. I would really like to know where my baby went... He wears a size 10 jean, a size 4 shoe, and is 50 pounds lighter then me... The day of him being smaller then me are numbered, and that to me is a scary thing.... We took him and 2 friends out today for his birthday. We went to tech to go bowling (gotta love the student rate of 1.25 a game!) then out to Red Robin (yummmmm) for dinner. We had a great time, and I won... (oops, not abt me, sorry!)

only in blacksburg does an outing require a picture with a bird... blacksburg is home to 75 of these hand painted hokie birds, and everywhere we go we run into them

yay! his very own Ipod! it was really funny to sit down with him and load it today. When Jo got his, we wanted the killers and fall out boy on his. T wanted Dave Matthews. They have such different tastes.

no cast!

John and I (ok, fine, I) am always amazed at the dress code in this town. All three of ts friends were wearing hokie shirts, John had on a hokie shirt, and I had on a VCOM shirt (same thing). Over our hokie shirts, three of us were wearing hokie sweatshirts. Obsessed, or is it just just because blacksburg could be the best place ever (Katie!!!)??

oh, look... did I mention I won? this was the grownups lane scores... I (kindly) kicked John, Carol and Seans trash! (and yes, i know 107 is not a great score... and yes, t's friend got a turkey, and almost beat me...)

CL was clearly impressed with her mothers amazing bowling skills. She told me herself.

ok! since I did it for Jo...
9 little known facts abt T:
(and I am bragging. It's his birthday!)
9. He reads at a 6-7th grade reading level. His favorite books are the Harry Potters.
8. he is a great soccer player
7. he has the ability to listen to a song a few times and memorize all the lyrics
6. he loves listening to musicals and singing along. Les mis and urinetown are his 2 favorites
5. He got glasses when he was 3. he saw a plane in the sky and bark on the tree for the first time ever.
4. He misses his best friend Andrew and hasn't made a new best friend since Andrew moved, which led us to discover he is actually kinda shy.
3. he loves scouts. he earned his bobcat in a week, his wolf in 10 months with 3 arrow points and is super excited to start bear now.
2. when he is embarrassed his (big) ears turn the brightest shade of red I have ever seen. It is extremely adorable and I love to make him blush by calling him my T smoochie kins
and number 1: He is such a loving and thoughtful big brother. if cl is crying and i am busy, I often come in to find him bouncing her, singing to her or even just holding her hand. He gives up his last piece of candy to a brother who is sad, and his seat at the table to avoid fights. He is awesome!!


  1. Happy Birthday, "Smoochie Kins"!!!

    Okay, sorry I'll stop...

    I love the list you made for him. What a good boy he is. He is such a great big brother ☺.

    Congrats on kicking everyone's trash! You are a force to be reckoned with, Amy. I know Carrington was uber ladies gotta stick together ;)

  2. What an amazing little Man! We hope you had a wonderful birthday Taylor :)

    Amy, I love the lists, what a great idea, I think you should do one every year.

  3. I, too, love the lists! I may have to borrow that from you for Reese's birthday blog, if I ever manage to write one!

    Tell both Taylor and Jonas "Happy Birthday" for us! Katie STILL misses them terribly. There isn't a week that goes by that I don't hear something about a Schwartz boy, especially Taylor. She still wants to marry him... WOW... Must be true love!

    We miss you guys! Hopefully we'll be up that way soon! School is almost out!!! YAY!