Friday, April 3, 2009

it kinda feels like this

my house is messy. not like toys on the floor messy. MESSY. DIRTY. It has rained for weeks straight and all the mud from outside is in my carpet messy. Breakfast gets eaten on our way out of the door messy. clothes get thrown in drawers (maybe) messy. easter eggs from parties opened and eaten and left for someone else to clean up messy. Thank goodness for Spring break... here's to 10 (yes, 10!!!) days of no work, school or commitments to clean it up and clean it out! (and until my house looks like the one above, please don't call social services... )


  1. Where did you get that picture of my kitchen?

  2. I was gonna say it totally looks like a house that is frequented by social services. You know they do frown on many things!
    I have to say that Carrington is a BABE (which side of the family does she look like? I cant tell because I cant see her)
    We miss you guys too. I was just thinking that it was amazing that John is almost starting rotations (yea, you guys will totally have a job before us and we had a HUGE head start! Im only a little jealous) Wow- this is like an email in a blog comment- sorry I will stop. Good luck with that whole house cleaning stuff. I am totally nesting and hauled about 200 lbs of soil by myself today...hopefully a REAL garden will come of it....