Monday, February 15, 2010

ob la di, ob la da...

jonas- dec. 04

i feel like a superhero... my sidekick has been out of town for 16 days, the kids have been to school once in that time and i didn't lose it... in fact, i have LOVED this. my house has been (overall) cleaner then normal, i did my once a month grocery shopping w. all 5 of them (it took 2.5 hrs, and I saved almost 30% of my totalbill using coupons) and then cooked 30 freezer meals, i started 4 quilts, and baby girls scrapbbok, the boys have been great abt. playing with their sister (who is walking-ish now) and they didn't play wii all day (um, most days...) some days its the small things that matter... we have been BLESSED with like a million inches of snow and they have been to school 2 full weeks since dec. 15th. unfortunantly tomorrow, the kids return to school, i go back to work and the speed of life will catch back up with us. in the meantime, i will revel in my superheroness and pretend it's amazing abilities that helped me get so much done rather then 3 weeks of being snowed in. heres to hoping that the 40 rumored inches of snow that are suposed to hit on the 24th come quickly and that someone comes over to take my kids sledding, because i have had enough of that.


  1. I am so glad you had a such a wonderful few weeks with the kids! Only you could manage to get so much done and stay sane locked inside and doing it single-parent style!

    And, I thought shopping every 2 weeks was difficult--once a month--whew!

    I will hope you get the extra snow, but be sure to keep it all in there :)

    And, you have earned your super-mommy badge! :)

  2. I can't believe you are so productive while being stuck inside. But good for you! I'm glad you are surviving while John is gone. We have been spoiled having Abe home and on an easy schedule this month so it is going to be bad when he leaves next month for the next two months. Hopefully I can be just as postive as you are about the whole thing! ~Meredith

  3. YOU ARE A SUPERHERO!!!!!!! That is so, so, so amazing!!!!!!!!!

    Look at that little Jonas. It seems like yesterday that he looked that small. I love how John is, "dead" in the picture.

  4. You are a superhero, Amy, didn't you know? I wish I could have half your energy! Oh, and some of your favorite freezer meal recipes. :)