Wednesday, March 24, 2010

It's Spring time, and around here, that means it's spring clear out time! We are getting ready for (another) move. Despite our best plans to stay in this house all 4 yrs. of med school, nobody mentioned to our rental company our desires to stay here with a resonable rent, so alas we begin the spring clear out to get ready. we will move in july across town to a place half the size of our current residence. CLS has already caught the bug and it seems that everytime i turn around she is dumping something else in the trashcan... today it was sippy cups, socks, and the dinner she didn't want. In big news... I finally weaned her!! this is a huge accomplishment and to celebrate, she slept through the night last night. We aer over joyed, to say the least!
Jo turned 9 earlier this month! I did wrap his present in candy can wrapping paper left over from the holidays, but he didn't seem to mind to much! the lego kit stayed together less then a week before being shattered. this is the last kit he will get for a loooookng while.

we met with his teacher mon. who has been expressing major concern for him recently. He is not doing well in the classroom. He is a B/C student, but is not speaking in class and is struglling in a few other areas. We have decided to pull him from our beloved school. He and i are attending the open house for the local catholic school in town, but he (and I) both are planning to homeschool next year. the open house is so we can say we explored all options. And I am totally excited abt having him home next year! I put in notice with my job that I won't sign a contract to return, and have already begun building lesson plans involving many art [projects and hands on science, since that is really how he learns best. We are also having him tested for some food allergies to see if some of these issues are dietary.

CLS went to the Dr. this month for several flus and FINALLY hit the 19 pound mark! I am so excited, as this has been a long time coming, but her attitude is becoming stronger by the day, even if her weight isn't....

looking forward to spring break next week!!!!


  1. My sister is home-schooling this year while they're in Mexico, and she uses this k-12 online program where she gets all their curriculum for free because it's considered a Nevada charter school and she's a NV resident. I'm not sure if it works in VA too, but if you were interested in talking to her about what's in it and how she got it free, I could have her call you. I think she likes the curriculum. Good luck!

  2. Good luck homeschooling! I am sure you are super excited to have told your job you are not coming back. I have been thinking recently of calling you. It seems like it has been forever! Looks like my girls had the same bug C did - we have been to the doctor's twice in the last week. Aubree weighed in today at 20 lbs. And YEAH for weaning. Is it weird to think you are done forever?!? I will be weaning pretty soon here. Let me know if you want help packing...or if you want a break to scrapbook.

  3. How annoying that you guys have to move. Good luck squeezing into a smaller house. Downsizing is no fun. C is getting so big. Her hair is adorable, as usual. Taylor needs some help getting hers to grow so we can have fun hairdos that she doesn't rip out immediately. Homeschooling sounds like a big undertaking but I'm sure it will be great for him and you. I hope everything else is going okay. Let us know if you need anything. ~meredith

  4. I want to watch your children when you move!! ☺. I will love them and kiss them and call them George. (Are you too young to know what cartoon that line comes from?) I laughed at your comment on my blog about how you will still be a spring chicken when your last child leaves the nest. *sigh* must be nice ;)

    I so love all the things you do with CLS's hair. She is so adorable!

    Well, if anyone can handle homeschooling, it is you, my dear. You amaze me so much! I want to come to your science class.

    How did you get the rock star sentence written on your picture? That is awesome. I will have to call you to learn your tricks.

    I like the videos...especially when CLS crashed into you.

  5. Hooray for sleep filled nights! I am thrilled for both of you :)

    And, I wish you nothing but the best of luck as you try yet another mothering adventure. Best wishes for a successful year homeschooling!

  6. OMG C is huge! We need to get together SOON!