Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Oh, hey... I have a blog... guess it's about time it was updated... There is a very good reason I have been such a bad blogger. The computer I am using while the man of the house is out of town is this old:

Jonas Dec. 24
Taylor- mid dec.

Mason- mid dec.
anybody want to take a guess as to the year? 2004. In computer years, its like 72 years old. really. it takes literally an hour to load and get online. so anyway. we are flying through the last few weeks of school. I cannot wait! this year has totally flown by and i am really excited for summer time. In fact, I even made a list of goals: 1. quit job 2. swim a ton 3. teach the kids to clean the whole house and 4. teach sully how to swim... should be a great one
quick updates before i sign off for night (and maybe the rest of better computers absence) Baby girl has gotten so big. I'll have to post a recent pic soon bc her hair has gotten so long and she is losing the baby look and looks so old all of the sudden. she is so hilarious. she has gotten tons of words recently like "princess", "pretty" "poop" and can say most of her brothers names, cup, and many others. she is trying to potty train herself and says potty as she tries to strip all of her clothes off. today i needed a few minutes to try to finish packing some boxes (we're moving in 4 weeks) and put the wiggles on for her. she is not a tv girl so i sat with her for a few minutes to try to get her interested. They came on the screen and she freaked out and started signing and saying all done. She grabbed onto me and wouldnt let me put her down. I turned it off and took her into the back of the house with me. A few minutes later she walked halfway down the hallway then turned around and ran back screaming all done. I am pretty sure she will have nighmares tonight (not that i blame her at all, those guys are super frightening)
sully is finishing up his preschool year and is signed up for k next year! we are both very ready. he finished up his season of soccer last week and was on the golden pumacougarkittydoggy team (coach let them name themselves....) he also used black makeup and gave them kitty whiskers every week in order to intemidate the other team. they looked awesome. he scored at least a goal per game and had a blast playing. He started a new kids class today at a local gym called crossfit (the older boys started there a little while ago) and had a blast!
T, Jo, and M are all ready for school to be out. I am still planning on homeschooling jo although we got a solid diagnosis on him this past week and after starting correct meds this week i think we may finally have him a little more under control (such a relief!) I am already noticing a difference in his diet and the way he feels. (he was having a hard time working through the school day bc he never felt well) he finishes his SOLS fri and has done pretty well the last few weeks of school! I pulled all the kids off of Tae kwon do bc the violence level in our house kept rising and started them at a gym called cross fit (see if you have one.. it is INTENSE!) my kids have muscles i never knew existed! the coach has them doing box jumps (t can jump a 24 inch box with 500 reps!!!) and jo and t can make it to the top of a roof level rope... its pretty fun watching the kids do things the adults have lost the ability to do, and i am amazed at the things my older boys can do. they totally make me look weak (who am i kidding, i totally am...) so i have been working out in the mornings doing biggest loser bootcamp.... it hurts... ok. thats all


  1. Cross fit sounds intense! Good for you for working out! FYI, there are names under the pics at the top in case you wanted to change them :) We will probably be seeing you at the pools this summer!

  2. I love that she can say Princess and poop. You are raising that girl, right!

    I loved reading the update. I want to steal your kiddos this summer. I will call you.

    I think I need to do crossfit!

  3. That does sound intense! I'm glad that Jo is doing better. Is that Boot Camp thing a DVD? I'll have to look into it...

  4. I had to come back and tell you that I can't get over poor Cara being traumatized by the Wiggles.