Monday, June 14, 2010

dear john-

i started my new job today! it was long but mostly fun. i was glad to be home tonight in time to cook dinner and was even gladder (i know...) that i missed the kids and the house was still standing. let's see if i can make it through the week. I dont know how working single parents do it! they seemed to enjoy having a sitter all day even though it made me super frustrated to realize more then half of my take home pay was going to be enjoyed by the sitter (again, how do they do it?) I never made it to the grocery store today so we have even less to eat tomorrow then the meager choices today, but dinner for tomorrow is already ready (country style ribs w. mexican rub, corn, and a salad, if i make it to the store tomorrow after work) I also now need to go to the laundromat as the kids have run through clothes like only you can imagine and we still are without a washer. its really sad bc i dont have any cute stories to tell you about our day or funny things the kids did. i can tell you little miss thang woke up at 530 today... good thing i went to bed by 10 last night! i am sooo tired that it may be even earlier tonight! i am letting the kids watch a tv show they really wanted to watch sun but made them go to bed instead. our 4 year old cried a bit off and on last night but really hasnt had to many issues today. the kids missed Xfit due to lack of rides but made it to swim team. they have practice every day this week exceot fri and a meet thurs. night. hope you had a great day and i will try to get pictures up tomorrow, if i take any! happy monday!
-your wife

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  1. I love how you call her Miss Thang.

    This is a neat way to stay in touch. You are amazing, Amy!