Monday, June 21, 2010

dear john-

well... is it monday already? I hope your pt test went well this am so you can escape the full wrath of am pt in the texas heat... we had a very bizarre weekend here... sat at 8 we were at our garden eating blueberries off the bush since there wasn't enough to pick and take home but we picked peas and squash and sour apples to make applesauce (kids idea, and I confess i threw them away... i wasn't able to handle the mess of applesauce this week) and onions (which went in yesterdays chili!).. after leaving the garden, i told the kids we would run to the luandramat, start our laundry then go get donuts. When we were leaving the laundrmat, we met this super nice old woman with a wican bumper sticker carrying a cockato (sp?) on her arm. She let each of the boys try to hold it but van was scared of it and the bird was scared of m. He esp liked jo though. the bird went to jo several different times. We went and got donuts and i got complimented on our kids behavior! yay! later sat we ran to target to get a bday gift for one of vans friends then headed to the family party. our neighbor that we love (with the months name) was wearing a seashell bra. literally. it was interesting. the party had a hawaii theme and they had a luau in the backyard. she is such an interesting woman. she must have ordered 20 pizzas for maybe 30 people and spent hundreds on her sons 5th party. After the party (630) we headed to the pool for a little while before the storm kicked us out.
i hope you enjoed your fathers day. sorry we were way lame and didnt send you anything, poor forthought on my part. thanks for entertaining the kids for so ,ong on the phone last night though!
i have micro champion today and so far so well. the oldest 2 are at scout camp this week, i drove them out this morning and was glad i did bc they were missing jos registration. not sure what happened there, but we got it all taken care of. this should be the only time i have to drive them out there, i worked it out so i can pay gas money to not have to go that far. i have the boys settled down watching toy story 1 in anticipation to see number 3 next week. champion is going today so i am sure the bioys will be pressuring but w. older kids gone all this week, and me gone all next week it will be into the first week of july before we make it. i was sad at how fast this apst weekend went. i didnt get nearly as much accomplished as i hoped. we are moving fri into sat (for sure this time) and i cannot wait to get things out of boxes.. sun night lynz and kev came over for her bday dinner. she requested indian tacos so i made a ton of chili (more in freezor for later!) and made the whole feast. tay and i made a choc cake, cooled it, cut it in half, melted mint choc. chip icecream and made her a wonderful cake. we did a layer of ice cream, cake, hersheys bars layed all the way across the cake, which then the warm cake melted a bit, more ice cream, cake then frosting. it was beyond good (i just ate another peice after lunch today!) we had a good time and it was nice bc they left pretty early. i watched about a boy last night. anna loaned it to me. it was good, in a weird way. our house was so hot last night we all had a hard time sleeping. i felt like i tossed all morning just to get woken up by the phone at 630. we were out of the door by 740, so i neeed to be up, it was just a little painful.
anyway.. rest of the day: sprinkler time for little kids, then gym for van and m while i get boys from church parking lot. they reusted breakfast for dinner so thats on the menu, and i am hoping they will all be so tired they will pass out early! i have got to get more packing done!!

talk to you soon!

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