Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Dear John-

First I have to tell you that your old computer drives me crazy and part of me wishes we had already fixed the old desktop, even if it meant paying the monthly fee... (the other half of me is still super cheap and not tooo irritated.) anyways...
Van fell asleep crying last night. he was being a huge pain in the butt to his brothers since they are all still sleeping on the floor in the playroom. he was jumping on them and at 9 still hadn't settled in. i made him come lay in our bed and he fell asleep holding the picture of you from your dresser, the one where Jo is a baby. I sang him his goodnight song and he sobbed the whole time. he finally fell asleep and i carried him to bed. I was asleep by 930 last night.
I am finally becoming a morning person. After 10+ years of being married and you always having to get up early with the kids I am finally pulling my weight. miss thang woke up again this morning in the 5 am hour. I was having a crazy dream (that I actually remember: I was in some bizarelly small town and they had built all of these institutional type buildings inbetween there really cute quaint buildings. when i was walking through the village they were wrecking all of the houses down. They had had the olympics there and when they ended they were ripping all the buildings down so people wouldn't come visit... weird...) anyways I was dreaming away and i heard her yelling at me from the other room. I am very diappointed as I would have loved to have had a few more minutes of sleep (like maybe 90ish) I pulled her into bed with me and she was mad about everything. the hole in the foot of her pajamas (so i stripped her) then realized she was poopy so I changed it. then she wanted a water cup so i grabbed the princess one without thinking. It leaked all over my shirt and our sheets so i tossed it across the room and went and got her another one which of course was no longer good enough. I finally got up at 6 when she started asking for "beffast". We were done at the grocery store by 745 am. work was fun today. i was really glad to have an excuse to leave for a while today as I was exhausted with her by the time it was time for me to go. the babysitter had a better day today also. She followed my schedule to a t mon which meant that even though baby girl was tired and crying by 10, she kept her up til 1 bc of the schedule. today I assured her to deviate as neeed. Miss thang went down around 1020 and slept for 2.5 hours and was so much more pleasant all afternoon. I am really glad, as I am really not wanting to scare sitter away. She brought the avatar the last something for them to watch and they loved it. They are even doing their schoolwork for her without whining. the older 3 boys have had swim team yesterday and today in the am and have practice tomorrow night after scouts and thurs. morning. hopefully they will do well on thrus night swim meet. M is actually loving it the most, which is totally a surprise to me. tonight when I got home from work i realized i had to go to the laundramat def. to wash my 2 work shirts. I took all the kids to the laundramat to throw the wash in and then took the kids to our fav. tues night dinner place for food. I had no desire to cook. baby girl and van were both crying (baby bc she is a punk and van bc he was starving hungry)

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  1. Is it okay with you that I am reading these, Amy? I totally feel like I am eavesdropping on a conversation...but you know how nosy I am , so I love it!