Wednesday, June 16, 2010

dear John-

I finally got the computer up and running tonight! It was great talking to you earlier this evening, but I forgot to tell you a few kep oints of our day: first off, sweet girl had not thrown up again, but we snuggled and she watched so you think you can dance with me and applauded their efforts. She really seemed to enjoy watching them. Ok: our house is running a very comftorable 80 degrees, but not squeaking. Should i call maintenance or let it go? I cannot wait to finally move and get out ofboxes for the first time in 3 weeks. Having our moved delayed has actually been really good for us, financially and stress wise. since our amazing babysitter lives super close it has made my driving much easier. Her mom has been bringing her in the am and then I drop her off at home when I am done for the day. It has worked out great! when we move next week the class after that week is held across town at our fav. school so it will mean a ton of driving. I think ym van is getting sicker. I may just be paranoid bc I know i pay way close attention to how it feels, but I think it is chugging worse today then last week. We may have to bite the bullet and sink some money into a downpayment for something else. I will be really irritated to have 2 car payments but i am wondering if we have any other choice now. i will def. start looking bc i really want to be able to travel some this week and there is a certain car trip to a place up north that I will be missing at this point.
diva is almost out of diapers. i am really not wanting to buy another pack but would feel super ghetto washing diapers in the laundramat. guess tomorrow i will go pick up a pack to get us through next week.
k i supose that is all that i didnt tell you on the phone... have a great night!
go to mexico and find george for me while you are down that way!

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  1. I love that Miss Thang applauds the efforts of the dancers on, "So You Think You Can Dance?"