Wednesday, June 23, 2010

dear john-

today i am tired. after i got off the phone with you last night i had every intention of going to bed, but i stayed up late finishing drying the laundry (i did 8 loads yesterday and had to dry all of them..) and folding them and sorting them.) and watched americas got talent which was kidly entertaining while doing chores. i tossed and turned again all night. i don't know if its because im hot (your side of the bed stays cooler though bc of the fan so i made myself totally comftorable) or if I'm stressed with the move this weekend...) then the care bear woke up at 430 this am. her night times have been getting progressively later and her wakings earlier so today enough was enough and i took her in. She weighs 21 pounds, which is great bc at her 18 month check they wanted her to be 22 by age 2 so we have 4 months to pack the last pound on her. I was pleased. there was also nothing wropng with her. that made me very displeased. i was really hoping for a quick fix but i guess we will keep waiting out this cold an the teething. she is cutting all 4 canines... we also experienced a huge break through- sun. she drank 1/2 of a warm horizons milk box. (she also threw up in her mouth later that day, and i'm pretty sure it's related..) she hasn't touched milk since however except on her shredded wheats...
this am when i took the older 2 to be dropped off at camp we waited and the ride never showed up. totally frustrating as this is the same family that made the kids late for camp yesterday. anyways, one of the dads ended up taking them out but it means that our group is without an adult today and that i have to go pick them up. totally lame, and it means that i have 1 to many kids so i have to find someone to watch one of our kids so i can run out there and it means the kids miss xfit unless we book it back ( totally my plan...) things with micro champion are going really well with 1 exception... he has NO AIM. whatsoever. fire hose bad. i make him clorox wipe the bathroom everytime he pees. i do not have any idea how his mom shares a bathroom with him (she lets him use her master.. i would never!) totally gross... he needs a man to teach him to pee. i think i am going to pay tay an hours wage to potty train him;-)
yesterday i had my most ghetto moment of my entire life. i often feel ghetto when i take lal the kids out and they are dirty and whiny or whatever but i actually had a serious moment. i left tay home w. m and van while i took jo and baby to wash our clothes (for the last time ever!!!!) i stopped at wendys and got them frostys to help with the 45 wash cycle wait. knowing that she would make an absolute mess with a melting frosty on a 100 degree day, i took of her cute outfit (her owl tank and multi colored brown and pink layer skirt) and left her in her gap tennies and her diaper, but rather then putting a less favorite outfit on her i choose to leave her naked bc i didnt want to dirty another outift and risk staining it until we get a place with a washer. she made such a sticky mess, all in her neck and her hair was getting stuck in it, down her tummy and it was caught in the front of her diaper. then she leaked it all over her legs onto the hot black vinyl dirty bench where it pooled around her diaper. when all was said and done, her diaper was competely brown. ill let you guess what it looked like... it was nasty. i went out to the car nad dug around and found 1 diaper, gave her a baby wipe bath and changed her diaper. she immediatly pooped in her new clean diaper. she was stinky the whole rest of the time bc i had used the clean diaper to replace a barely wet diaper that just looked bad (really bad...) oh well, memeroable way to end that laundramat visits i suppose.
micro champion brought over a wii game called just dance. it's hilarious! it's a 4 player game that the younger boys were all playing earlier. care bear is totally scared of it, like wiggles scared... i put her down for a nap (yes, at 10 am..) and need to finish packing our house. I am hoping to finish the whole upstairs today so tomorrow I can finish in the basement. SOOOO ready to be done!

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  1. It sounds like John's been gone a long time, that's got to be tough. Rotations? Hope everything goes well with the move!

    I totally know what you mean about feeling ghetto taking a bunch of dirty and whiny kids out. That story about c covered in frosty is awesome!