Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Blacksburg Bucket List

When we realized our days here in the burg were becoming seriously numbered, the kids and i sat down and created a bucket list of things we really wanted to do before we moved away. The list grew as we approached the start of our 1 year. John will graduate June 4th and we anticipate moving early that next week. The list we made covered everything from June 4th 2010 until July 1, 2011... Several of these items have been done already and I have been so far behind journaling that I will have to catch it up later but I wanted to post the list and then go back and catch it up... since we will prob. not live in va, the list has also grown to cover some random va activities as well... we prob wont get to everything on the list but we thought it would be fun to see how many we can knock out!

The LIST (in no particular order) the whole huckelberry
2. hike the cascades when there is ice on it
3. 4th july parade*
4. one more stepping out*
5. run the whole huckelberry
6.hike the cascades and swim
7. hokie football game
8. marine mud run * 10 miler
10.night at english fields fair
12.summer musical one last time* hockey game
14.huge going away party for the kids at nellies cave off all credit card debt
16.get picture taken at the vt on airport and vcom
17.retake as many of the hokie bird statues now that they've moved into the permanent location (like 4 years ago...) a house
19.tay- get his weebolos
20.baptize m get his bear at white rock at claytor more amazement square
25.skate park day
26.blueberry pciking in the valley
27.Christmas parade
28.joes tree farm
29.service Christmas project
30.volunteer at Christmas store
31.india garden--1-more-time
32.Christmas eve at kabuki and then henderson hill
33. tubing on new river
34. chemistry magic show
35. go see the cow w. hole in stomach
36. 2 more semesters of bcs
37. Christmas concert
38. Burruss hall photo
39. April 16th fun run and visit memorial
40. Spring game and tailgating
41. Turkey leg
42. movie at lyric
43. celebrate match day with kids

-and then we have the things that will be done more then 1 time, playing at our favorite parks, seeing friends, and my orchestra group, etc. I know this year will be hard for us and the kids since this is all we've known... John has been here since he was on 5th grade and i came 12 years ago... I am so excited to have a list of things that my kis felt were important (and some of them me and John) to set a guideline for what we will be doing this year!


  1. I got excited to read your list and think about fun things to do in Blacksburg, but reading it just made me sad. You're the first person I talked to (via e-mail) when we were moving here, and John and Mason came and helped us move in, and then I got to be in YW with you, plus preschool, Beeks, Bunko, Outer Banks. Now I'm making my Amy bucket list, and I will be so so sad when you guys are gone. So if I sometimes seem to forget you're leaving, it's not because I don't know, but because it's easier for me to deal with it by ignoring it. Happy for you to buy a house somewhere though!

  2. Great list! Blacksburg really is such a special place. That is awesome that you are going to make sure you make all the memories that you can.

  3. Wow, your husband will be a Dr. before mine! What a crazy world that is! Where are you moving? Just wanted to say hi and that we miss you and hope you have an awesome last year in BBG

  4. This is awesome! I think I'm going to take a few of these ideas myself!