Saturday, September 18, 2010

bucket list item #8

The Marine Mud run: Salem, VA 9-18-2010: I met my dad in Salem along with a few friends for the annual marine mud run that raises money for toys for tots... Great charity, great fun! Today was also my dads 60th birthday so I made him a special shirt to celebrate! We got there EARLY (745) and picked up our packets then waited, and waited, and waited... the race is a 5k with part of the race taking place in a river, (maybe 200m??) that is waist deep and 2 huge mud pits, one you kinda swim through. If you werent dirty, the marines chased after you to encourage you to fall into the mud amd swim through it.... After the race... dad took 2nd in his age group and placed overall around 230. I finshed at 252 out of 810... not to bad!
Beautiful group pic in front of port a potties... We girls got CLASS
I ran in my chucks because my racing shoes are like embarrasingly ortopedic and I didnt want to throw them away because they took 3 hours to find (the running store guy made me try on almost every pair of shoes and kept making me run up and down an alley while he watched... while i realize that sounds sketchy, it was much more boring then anything.) and i didnt want to go through that again... I am a little sad to have thrown them away but they were sooooo gross... (and I do have 4 other pairs of chucks, and now have an exucse to replace them, right??)

the kids were A-May-Zing!!! i was so proud of their patience, they were hoping we would let them roll through the mud as well afterwards so we threw them in the river instead:

oh look, all cleaned up now! Anna and I went back to the river we ran through and laid down in it to get clean. Such a refreshing numbing clean...


  1. Amy you are completely and totally AWESOME!!

    That picture of you and your Dad all muddy is such a great picture. I love it!

    That is kind of funny that the marines will chase after you and throw you in the mud if you aren't dirty.

    Congrats to your Dad on placing 2nd in his age group! Also, congrats to you on your placement. Mike said (when I told him the stats) that you were top 25%, basically. Well done, lady!

    I laughed at your saying that you and the other ladies have class. Oh, my yes, never have I seen a classier group of ladies.

    You also made me laugh the way you said that the water was a, "refreshing numbing clean". Um, yeah...nothing like that...takes your breath away. Literally. ☺

  2. That new header picture is the greatest thing EVER. I love it!

    Whoa, John...great air, there, buddy!