Friday, June 18, 2010

Dear john-

I made steak fajitas for dinner. you would have loved them! i found this salsa from food lion that was on closeout price for 1.09 and it was greenish and some steak that expired today so dinner was supercheap! i simmered the steak in the green salsa (which ended up being super spicy which the kids loved) and then as soon as i got it on the table realized we had no lettuce, sour cream, tomatoes or cheese so diva and i ran out quickly to grab those things (and found ice cream 4/10.00 and shredded wheat buy one get one free!) dinner was good! I just threw van in the tub and am waiting for diva to finish her dinner so i can scrub them both down really well. I was going to let them stay up and have movie night and talk to you but several things happened to change that.. first off, i have lost my debit card again so i didn't rent from blue box. second, anna is coming over to discuss plans for me watching micro champion and to have a girls night (which will probally consist of some mario or arrested development followed by large quantities of ice cream)
Last night i opened the hamsters cage to feed her and I dont know if its because i was tired and moving slow, or if desperaux has a new taste for freedom but that stupid hamster escaped. luckily she didnt get to far becasue she ran under the table where we keep her cage and i blocked her in with blankets she didn't try to climb over and after a few failed attempts to catch her, i stuc the top part of her cage in there with her and she promptly ran into it and i dumped her back in. she may never get fed again.
van woke me up at 4 am this morning climbing into bed and tossing for 2 hours until his brothers woke up to watch tv. i (and baby) slept until 745 this morning. i was shocked. i got out of bed, took a quick shower then went to check on her. she was sitting up in bed playing with her crib toys. when i came home for my lunch break, she was heading down for a nap and slept from 1-4:30... i dont know if she is growing (other then her hair at least) or if the past couple days of feeling off adn teething had knocked her out, but i am seriously hoping for a repeat performance tomorrow.
tomorrow the kids and i are heading out early to go pick from our garden and do some weeding. afterwards we will head to laundramat then get donuts (from the local best with some spare change i have) while it washes. we will be heading home to dry it and get some housework done but i think we will spend most of the day at the pool. i want to give the kids some down play time... anyways. i am sure i will hear your voice in a little while, but i wont talk long tonight. love ya!

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  1. That is so cool that your kids like super spicy stuff.