Tuesday, November 20, 2007

beach vacation

so... the photos will have to wait until we get home and i can upload pics, but this is one of the best vacations of my life! first of all, it is actually a vacation for me. Usually for me, vacation involves tons of planning, shopping, laundry etc. before we can even leave, and then while we are out of town, it takes extra work to get kids to bed at night in hotel rooms, lots of work to keep things organized, and things like that. this time, we are staying in a 10 bedroom house with 8 other families. it seems like it would be more work, but it def. isn't. each family have their own rooms with our own beds and their own full bath. kids are going to bed on time (well, ours are, some are not!) and sleeping well. each family is only responsible for 1 meal during the week and then our own lunch everyday. so we are getting hot meals for breakfast and lunch everyday, and with 40 people in the house, the cleaning is a group effort and over really fast! there are several teenagers here who are awesome with kids and our boys have had a blast playing w/ their friends and in the ocean. anyway. tons of fun and pics will be up later!


  1. Okay, I finally got a blog up and running...My address is hokiemarshmans.blogspot.com
    Just to let you know...the Jack McKinley comment is actually Jaime commenting not Jack. (I just wanted to let you know I am not having some lurid affair with Jack because two friends here said..."So who is Jaaaack?!!"
    Your beach trip sounds fabulous!!!!

  2. Wow. Sounds amazing. Enjoy. Looking forward to the pictures.

  3. Sounds like tons of fun. I am anxious for this pictures.

  4. Sounds like a blast! I haven't been to the beach in forever. Which beach? Can't wait to see pics.