Sunday, November 11, 2007


Why is it when there is so much to do, nothing gets done? i have lists stretching miles it feels like, and i would rather watch youtube videos (hm, not so great), work on PAF (much better), or sleep (the best)... unfortunately, youtube is winning on time spent category. so everyone can skip this post. (better yet, go watch youtube for me, so that i know it is in good hands). this is my way or trying to organize my life right now. jo has finished most of his testing. late last night tho I realized he has an appointment tomorrow, for which we were supposed to give him an enema (ew.... johns job) tonight. i do not know how i have dropped the ball on that one. we will be heading to kroger tonight. so he goes in at 130 tomorrow, and we are hoping that when they finish testing, they will be able to give us a more specific medication for him. the one he is on now is a general "catch all" for the wetting problems. it causes blurred vision and dry mouth. he always is kinda "crusty" around the mouth, i am def. ready to be done w/ the one he is on. there is no diabetes, no liver/kidney problems, but we are STILL waiting on the sonogram. it has been frustrating to me how slowly everything has been moving with this. i do like his doctor though why ANYONE would ever choose to become a urologist is totally beyond me. (John, not a choice, k??) the urologist believes that everything we have been struggling with is because he was premature (11 months younger then brother, 2-3 weeks early) he is tiny, and struggles with almost everything (except humor and rocking. he understands that better than ANYONE!)

overall tho, that is the best diagnosis we could have possibly asked for. we feel very blessed that if that is the case, then these are things he will grow out of.

ok, this week:

1 urologist appt. (in christiansburg)

1 dentist appt (me)

2 eye appts. (jo and M) (in Roanoke) ----- GUESS WHAT JODID ON TUESDAY... (grrr.) he was mad at his glasses because he was pushing on them while he was watching tv (the day i had my boys, + extras 2 that i usually have + 4 extras while mom went on photo shoot...) so i tried to adjust them so they wouldn't dig into his face, he was unhappy with what i did and came in a sec. later to tell me the lens fell out. when i took the glasses from him to fix them, i realized he had literally balled them up and snapped them in half on the part that holds the lens. they are luckily still covered under insurance....)

extras for 24 hours this week

regular job for only 9 hrs this week(!!!)

2 orchestra rehearsals

1 PTO fall festival (does the vp HAVE to go???)

a husband working 345 am - lunch time

2 PTO related meeting

1 parent teacher conference, which means 1 day M doesn't have school, so he comes to work with me

1 early release from elem. school

1 VT football game (which takes most of the day...)

and 20+ loads of laundry, grocery shopping, etc. to get ready for the beach trip we leave for on Sunday. if we can just make it out of town.... we WILL need the break! ok. off to fix the kids lunch. we have 1 primary program in 50 minutes.... whoops!


  1. What a GREAT photo!

    YouTube is viral remember. Almost impossible to avoid.

    Go easy on yourself. Enjoy each moment. :)

  2. Hey, Amy! I love the new look of your blog and the new title...(I liked the old one, too). Does "life in the rearview" mean how you, as a mom are always in the mini-van with all of your precious cargo in the back...seen through the rearview mirror? Am I reading too much into everything as ususal?
    Anyway, we love you guys!
    I adore that picture of Jonas! Too much rock for one hand!