Friday, November 9, 2007

young wild things

SO... I uploaded these pics a few days ago, intending on journaling the very next day, and it slipped my mind until just now...
I took Diane, my 13 year old *beehive* to go see the young wild things tour the other night (wed, to be precise.) I have gone to a ton of concerts, I love going to shows, and this made my year?? (maybe, Dave was pretty awesome in Sept. when he played at tech) HOWEVER: Dave wasn't an indoor venue. there is something awesome about feeling the bass drum in your chest, and have your ears ringing for days afterwards. I had the best time on earth, but I FEEL SOOOOO OLD:-) Lets see... I picked up Diane at 4 and took her to dinner. She had never been to a concert before, and her parents got her a set of tickets for her 13th birthday. her older sister Melanie was supposed to take her but couldn't get out of play rehearsal. Diane mentioned in passing a few weeks ago that she needed someone to take her to see FOB so her dad wouldn't have to. I volunteered IMMEDIATELY! Her dad was more then happy to turn over his ticket, so off we went for our adventure. we got to Roanoke, and got lost trying to find parking (all fun and games!) we finally figured out where the parking garage was, and I have only parked there maybe 20 times, (in my defense, we didn't go straight there because we were trying to figure out which garage the shuttle was running from), then we headed to the civic center. we got there pretty early and got great floor standing places. cute is what we aim for was the first band. they were pretty good, but i was to impatient to appreciate them fully. i will have to check them out when I am not waiting to hear 3 other bands that i know the words to their songs and love them. plain white t's played second, and i love groups that i can relate to musically. hey there Delilah was such a super song, and so i learned how to play it, so when plain white t's came on, i was really excited. (they look SO young, but i digress, i am old...) they played all the songs i love (Delilah, Hate, friends don't let friends...) it they were great. gym class heroes played third (cupids chokehold/breakfast in america) (for Lauren, its a remake of a supertramp song) they were so fun. they were also incredibly random. there was a guy in a fat costume, a guy waving a flag, and then the guys singing. oh, and they came out to soulja boy, so that was pretty random as well. BUT, they were funny. he at 1 pt. told all the parents to put there hands up. very few did, then he yelled at the kids abt how they wouldn't be there/own the music, etc. w/o the parents. then more parents put there hands up. he told us to skip work the next day and tell our bosses gym class heroes said it was ok (if only, work was SOOO rough the next morning, but THAT is a completely different story). FINALLY fall out boy took the stage. it was so awesome, bc Diane didn't know the other bands, so the whole night the anticipation was building. she was so excited, and it was really fun to watch her trying to stand on her toes so she wouldn't miss ANYTHING. unfort. we were on the floor, and it was hard for her to see most of it, but we both had a great time. I don't know how long they played, but the whole set was amazing. they played all my favs, im like a lawyer (me and you), grand theft autumn, this aint a scene, etc. we had such a great time! anyway, i loved it! and la, you should further educate yourself and keep us w/ us um, not quite as old as you *kids*... (just kidding, i am sure you know all the words to every song i mentioned know that you know their names... i always was super impressed by that!) ok... loved it!

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  1. Oh dear...this post confirms my suspicions that I am really, really old...*sniff* *sniff* I have no idea who this band is..*sniff*...I used to pride myself on being knowledgable about music (okay, I haven't been knowledgable about music since 1988) at any rate...looks like a cool band.