Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Cascades, take 2!

We spent last Saturday hiking the cascades. I LOVE that hike! Last year the hiking trip didn't go so well at all. This year, with an older Van, we were actually able to make it in decent time. We learned our lesson and ate lunch BEFORE we began hiking, and then had watermelon waiting in a cooler at the bottom of the hill. YUM! Van got to see a black snake, and John only had to carry him abt a quarter of the hike. I love the fact they are getting older, it just makes things like this so much easier!

Van, John, Kevin, baby A, M, T, Christy, Jo

I cant figure out how to work my friends Picasa album, so the pics are tiny! VAn fell face first into the water that was running off the pond at the top. He was soaking for the whole trip down the mountain! He also made a huge mess eating watermelon! The weather was perfect, and actually a little cool! Thanks for the great pics Kevin! Will you teach me how to download them in a bigger size next????
Oh, btw-We need a middle name for baby girl C... any suggestions? we have so far Grace, Paige, and Tate (my fav. John HATES:-) )
*56 days left until school starts again


  1. I like the name Paige. That was one on my list. The Cascades are beautiful. How fun!

  2. How about Carrington "Lauren Henley Schwartz Marshman" Schwartz?


    You don't like that?



    I love the name Paige...but, I almost like Grace better as a middle name for Carrington. Does that make sense? I like the name Paige better as a first name and Grace sounds prettier to me as a middle name.

    I was able to click on the first two pictures to enlarge them and...*sniff* *sniff* everyone looks so grown up!

    We are leaving for the beach this weekend. I will call you upon our return to make plans :D Yay!

  3. I always like Ann as a middle name. But Grace does have a nice ring to it. ~Meredith

  4. How about (Great) Britainy. Okay, so not a very funny geographical joke.

    here is the link to the entire album of photos

    on the right side of the page is a "Download Album" link next to a picasa logo. Click it and it will put all the pictures on your computer.


  5. I personally think Carrington Shaniqua has a nice ring to it. or Barrington, or just plain Christy would suit her nicely. I agree with Lauren that Grace is probably a better middle name than Paige (not a huge fan of paige myself). Have you thought of any family names? Like Gritty?

  6. Hi Amy and Co! Just thought I'd stop in to say hi. Congratulations on all the good stuff happening in your family lately -- especially that little baby girl on her way! :) I loved seeing your shots of the Cascades -- we miss so much about B-burg. BTW, we almost used Grace for Rosalie's middle name -- I still really like it. Good luck deciding!