Saturday, June 7, 2008

long time, no post

Wow! IT has been such along time since I last posted! We have been so busy these past few weeks.... I guess I will work backwards since that is how i uploaded pics! We have been hitting the pool everyday the past 2 weeks. The weather has been so hot, and we have the BEST amenities in our neighborhood! the boys are all getting so nice and tan! T started swim team last week, and the middle 2 will start swim lessons again next week. van is fearless in the water and can "swim" under water all by himself. never a dull moment with that one. i got a super cute maternity tank and have loved getting in the water as our a/c is broken right now.
School ended may 30 for the boys and we are in a great summer routine already. we are doing the summer bridge books, which are fantastic as well as the comprehensive curriculum for M. the boys so far enjoy it and there has been no complaints yet. we spend abt 1 1/2 each morning working on school work, then T reads for 1-2 hrs at bedtime every night while jo reads a few chapters during the morning. jo is reading slightly above grade level now, and only has 1 more speech sounds to master. he had such a great year, and worked so hard! I am very proud of him. the pic above is of his schools independence celebration. they learned abt America, and why we celebrate the 4th of July. they had a cute parade, ate watermelon and sang a ton of patriotic songs. This age is so cute, and he will do great in 2nd grade next year! T moves up to 3rd and had a great year as well! we spent memorial weekend in l'burg meeting Fredy! we had a blast, and our kids are so excited abt uncle Fredy from "guat-e-mala who speaks Spanish, and cooks good". we had a great time hanging out with the family, and cannot wait until heather and Fredy get married and we can make the uncle title (or tio title) official! We love you guys!!!!

the older 3 boys finished up soccer for the year. T will play academy next year, and jo and M will continue regular seasons. they all had a great time, and we will def. miss coach Tim who has been T's coach since kindergarten.
van at a visit to a friends farm in may
T's class musical: Disney favorites
in may, the binkie fairy came and took vans pacifiers. long overdue, he got lighting mcqueen bed sheets, and pokemon figures for releasing his pacifiers. He hasn't slept well since;-)
M ended his preschool year may 23rd. he is off to kindergarten next year, and super excited!
in other news, i got released from young women, and called to be the primary 8 teacher. i LOVE teaching T and have such an awesome class. John and i are also getting another new calling tomorrow:-/
we hit the half way point in this pregnancy this week! We saw the baby last Mon and have an idea as to what we are having... the cord was kind of in the way. john and i went out on a date tonight and picked a few names! it feels like it is getting so close! I read somewhere that staying off the comp. helps with morning sickness, and that is so true. i haven't been sick in almost a week, and have been off medicine for it for over 3 weeks now. it feels so good to feel more normal, and be able to cook, eat and clean the house. when i went to the doc Mon, my weight gain for the entire pregnancy was -1 pounds. I am hoping when i go back next time to have gotten back into the positive and added some numbers to that. i think i was just so sick at first it has been hard to get back into eating normally. despite that, the baby looks great, we get sonograms every 4 weeks bc my doc is delivering this one free (he has a buy 4, get the 5th free policy and so he turns on the machine every time i go in!!!) i have more pics of this baby already then i do of Van total it seems like! all right, i think that is everything! more soon


  1. Wow, sounds exciting! You have been busy! I have been waiting to read a new post forever. I was starting to get worry. You boys look as cute as ever!

  2. Sounds like you have been busy! But it sounds like you've been having a lot of fun! Your boys are cute and I'm glad you're feeling better, it's always a relief to get out of that sick stage!

  3. Your AC is broken?! Thank goodness you have the pool because it is just too dang hottttt!I am so glad that you can rush yourself to safety and enjoy the swimming :)

    Yay for Heather and Fredy! Did you take the picture, Amy? Are those pictures from the official "engagement photo- photo shoot"?

    I need to call you to find out where you got your Summer Bridge Books. I have some workbooks but I don't like them very well. Have you seen a Bridge Book that goes from 5th grade to 6th? (I am in denial that I have an uprising sixth grader).

    Everybody looks so adorable and grown up :)

    Drat that the cord got in the way. I had forgotten about the, "Have 4 get the 5th free" agreement. That is so awesome!

  4. Whew, you Schwartz's stay busy! I am sure you weren't kidding, but I had to crack up at the buy 4 get one free deal. Although, I would so take complete advantage of that "free" baby.

    I am jealous you got to meet Fredy, but I know my turn is coming. I am making plans for the big day in September.

    I hope you and the boys are having a great summer!