Saturday, February 28, 2009

another circus

I thought it would be fun to take our circus to the circus... I remember as a child being so excited when our elem. school passed out free kids tickets to the circus and our parents would take us. It seemed so magical and larger then life back then. Now? The circus makes me sad. I loved watching how excited my kids were to see the white tiger, or watching the elephant roll across the ring on a barrel. It was neat (in a very gross way) watching someone bend backwards and balance on their chins, and it was scary watching people hanging toe to toe and holding on by only their teeth.
However, it bothered me greatly to see the animals cowering in fear from a barbaric long haired man screaming at them. The gorgeous dogs had mange... the tigers were bored... the kids had a great time, and I will never point those things out to them. I want them to keep the magical feeling for a few more years, but I wish cirque de soleil would come. Now that is a circus I would love to take my circus to...


  1. I laughed at how you said you took your, "circus to the circus".

    That is sad that some of the animals were frightened and the dogs had mange.

    In that first picture Sullivan looks exactly like John did at that age (to me, anyway) with just a little bit of a darker shade of hair. I bet you hear that a lot, huh?

  2. I know what you mean about feeling sad for the animals. That's how I feel about the zoo too. I get so excited to go and then I remember how hard it must be for these wide ranging animals to be confined. Sigh. It is so fun for the kids though and I'm grateful for that.

    Would you believe that Cirque de Soleil is coming to Nashville!? Unfortunately the nosebleed section tickets are 35 bucks and it goes up exponentially from there. Maybe the next time they come through...