Saturday, February 28, 2009

to many firsts...

cl is getting so big! we took her to her 4 month checkup on Feb. 17... she weighed in at 12.6 pounds and is 25 inches long. She is still such a joy to us!
we have been trying to start her on foods. She hates it all, much to my disappointment. My kids never seem to sleep well until they are eating a real dinner each night. these are pics from her very first attempt of a meal....

stupid reversed pictures... if you scroll down, then back up, you can see cls first haircut (which she screamed through..)... we paid 2.00 for her to get her bangs cut, and they even gave her a cute certificate to commemorate this special occasion. and just for the record, yes, this was what we used our university wards valentines day babysitting time for.... The lady who cut it was super excited as she had never cut hair on a person so young!

after all the rubber bands came out...

the before... her bangs when wet and straight were almost to her nose!


  1. Seriously- Could see BE any cuter? She is ADORABLE! And I LOVE the bangs! So dang cute!

  2. Hey, is that a bum genius diaper I see? Amy went cloth??? We did too, about 2 months ago and I really like them a lot. Are you going to have more kids to get your money's worth?? ha ha

  3. I love her bangs!! I have no trouble believing that she is the youngest client the stylist has ever had!! She is so adorable!

    I love her pink bib and pink high chair!

  4. What a cute, chubby little sweetie! First haircut pics are so fun. And I agree with Lauren, LOVE the pink stuff!!

  5. Wow!!! So much hair.. Austin is 8 months old, no hair cut yet. I love your story about your boys, the black cast, punching, pushing, turns, etc... so funny...well that is until you realize a little boy has a broken hand.