Saturday, February 28, 2009

Black is for ninjas

it was time... it's been almost 3 years since the last broken bone in our house... this one at least has a better story then the last (m fell off the couch on mothers day a few years ago and broke his arm.) Thurs. was early release for the boys school. They got out at 1 pm and we usually use those days to do play dates. This particular day, t had a friend, jo had 2 (twin brothers), m had 1, then i had van and cl... lose count? that's 9 kids 9 and under...
WE spent a lovely usually warm afternoon playing outside. We walked to the park and then they "dug for treasure" in my back yard. A blissful afternoon... Around 4, I was loading kids in my car to take them home. I got back, and started looking around and realized mud was EVERYWHERE... on chairs in the dining room, on the stairs, in the hall, bathroom... no room was spared... I sent the kids downstairs to play so I could begin cleanup before dinnertime. I was granted 5 minutes of peaceful cleaning before the kids were upstairs screaming. Jo was crying because his head had gotten bumped by van. We quickly calmed him down, but van was still upset. i looked all over his head for a bump. I finally asked where it hurt. He pointed to his hand. the conversation went a little like this: "what hurts??!!" V: "my hand!!" "Your hand?? What did you do?" V: "I punched Jo in the head" We noticed it swelling, bruising, and becoming warm to the touch immediately. i called the ped. at 515 and they got him right in. John took him over and was referred to the ER. They x-rayed and called us back the next day. He broke a small bone in his hand. I took him yesterday to get the cast. Here in his own words, is the story of how he broke it...
Dr: Hey buddy, what did you do to your hand?
V: i punched my brother in the head.
Dr.: Why?
V: because m pushed me off the table so i punched jo in the head when I fell down.

When I asked M why he pushed van off the table, he shrugged his shoulders, and with the most angelic look replied "It was his turn"
van got defensive and yelled that it was not his turn, it was Jo' turn to be pushed of the table...

he chose a black cast bc he wanted to be like a ninja. my kids are weird.


  1. Wow, that is the most awesome "boy" story ever! LOL

  2. Sullivan has made ninjas everywhere very, very proud.

    This story makes me laugh. At least they were taking turns being pushed off of the table. ☺

    He looks very cute in the pictures!

    Aren't boys dreamy?

  3. I love this post! There are so many good lines in it. I'm sorry he got hurt but it does make for a great story. He looks so cute and vulnerable in those pics. I love the ninja cast!

  4. Have I mentioned lately that Sullivan is the best? He cracks me up! I love his personality. We need to get he and Graham together.