Saturday, August 29, 2009

The 1994 yellow mustang, with 77,000 miles... a gift from Grandad to Daddy when he was still a teenager! Many people know him from his car... I see him on the bypass driving and know it's him. We talked about our kids having this as their first car when they are old enough. We planned to garage keep it and restore it.
His drivers seat. No longer attached to the floorboards, this seat is totally falling apart. 2 years ago there was barely a tear at the top.

His dad's old phone.. Do they even make these anymore? The phone is perhaps worth more then the car itself...

The roof. Totally ripping up both sides. We were excited the day we found white duct tape, as it matched much better then the silver he had been using.

the wheels are so pitted he has a tire that is always flat that has to be filled with air at least every other day. the tire shop has worked on it so many times and has finally said the seal is the best it will be at this point. (taken in oct. 2007)

We had to sell the mustang today. It was actually really sad. I have tons of pics of friends and kids in that car, and many memories of driving around with Daddy in the car. One favorite is when we were driving north and we passed his sister driving her 93 yellow mustang coming south. He found a wonderful tradein at a local dealer and was able to negotiate a pretty fair trade in. I never thought I would see the day that he initated the purchase of a more family friendly car. This will get much better gas mileage for rotations next year though and can actually fit most of our family. All 4 boys rode home with him today and actually fit really well. I am so excited that he finally has a car that is "new" and one that he picked out, but we are so grateful for the mustang as it lasted 10 wonderful years for us, and saved us a ton of money from car payments.

the other kids were already buckled into the backseat. they were to excited to wait!


  1. wow! this is a big step! so sorry to see the stang go, now we won't be able to identify when john is driving around town as much!

  2. So, exactly what kind of car is it? I'm not very car savvy. Glad you got something more practical.

  3. It's like saying goodbye to an old friend.

  4. Awwwwww, it's the eno of an era, *sniff* *sniff* kinda sad...

    But, exciting, too!!!!!!!!!!!!! I totally belly laughed when I saw the old cell phone practically as big as the steering wheel! And then I got a good giggle out of the white duct tape. You did all that you could to revive the old stang. Congrats on the new ride!

  5. Good old HOKIE Honda....that's where we got our car. Farewell yellow Mustang...I can't believe John is starting rotations already. I'm starting to think you might be gainfully employed before we are....NOT FAIR! JK I'm really happy for you, it cant be easy doing it all with 5 kids!

  6. A sad day...I love sports cars. But go John for getting something family-friendly. Now I understand what you meant by the yellow mustang not being parked in front! ;)

  7. It's so sad to have to get a grown up car. I remember this car being the cool car and all the Young Men borrowing it for dates. Amy, I'm glad to read an update on you. You never change and your kids look so much alike.