Wednesday, August 26, 2009


This was summer of the boards for us. John took a very time intensive (read expensive) class that ran most of July, including weekends to teach him everything VCOM never bothered to the first go round to (what exactly does the 35,000 a year do then, if they dont teach the students? Glad you asked... you shoudd see the lawn...) It was really hard having him so busy but still around. I think next summer when he goes to texas for most of the summer it will actually be a little bit easier bc he will just not be here, rather then jsut being here but to busy... anyway. so it was hard, but he took the boards on the 13th and so we actually got to see him a little bit and the boys got to spend some time with him before they went back to school on the 19th! Anyways.... during july, when he was so busy, our ward was having a campout, and the kids were so excited to go, so we packed it up and headed out without John. i was so nervous, but it actually went ok. I went out on thrus. with 2 of my friends who were also husband-less adn we had a great time! There were a few rules that I broke in the effort to make it easier.
The first rule- I let my oldest run around like this. For a whole day. With a bandana.
2. CL attacked this poor sweet boy, and i let her, because she wasn't eating dirt in there.

3- i fed her all sorts of things I shouldn't have. fried donuts, watermelon, anything i could reach to keep her happier in her stroller because she wasn't eating dirt there either.

4- I didn't make my kids wash their hands or faces before meals.

5- they played in a creek all day. they even drank a fair amount of it

6- they (again) tended their own fire all day.

We had such an awesome time! it is nice to know that i can take them all out like this and do things with them now. WE headed out thurs. and got to camp right as it starte dto get dark. I pitched my tent way far away from Mels and Stephanies due to location and we went over to their fire to make banana boats. At 10, we headed back to our tent and realized how far we were from them (in the whole camp, us 3 girls and our kids were about the only ones) and it was totally creepy so we dragged our tent all the way across a site so we could be closer. The kids all slept amazingly well and it got really cool! The kdis all played in the creek and in the fire the next day and I barely saw the older boys. Van spent the day eating marshmellows with his friends and that night by the time the rest of the ward had arrived, felt totally sick. At 10 he threw up by our fire so I packed EVERYTHING back up and showed up on our doorstep at 11. We had to throw all the kids int eh tub they were so gross and several of the swim trunks ended up in the trash too... Next time i will prob. be more careful with what they wear...
campfire donuts!!!

I was so proud of myself! I learned how to pitch our tent, light our lantern, start my own fire, and cook over our camp stove. I know that prob. sounds lame, but it was a great experience!


  1. I am impressed! Sometimes I think the hardest part is just deciding you CAN do these things and then the actual doing isn't so bad.

  2. Amy, you are so amazing! Your kids will remember having such a wonderful childhood.

  3. You are totally awesome! What a great experience for all of the kids!

  4. Oh, I forgot to tell you that I love the new header picture!